Charleston: Part Two


I love Charleston because there are so many things to do with the girls. I am disappointed at the lack of playgrounds Downtown, but unless you go in the fall or winter, it really is too hot to play outside most of the day. Luckily, there are several great alternatives.

Charleston has a great aquarium in central Downtown. They have an albino alligator, 4-D theater, interactive petting stations throughout, and lemurs! It is also right next to Fort Sumter, which we did not go to this trip but it could make for a great full-day outing.


The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry was the girl’s favorite activity. There are five or so rooms with a different theme that kept the girls entertained the entire day. This room above was filled with golf balls to experiment with gravity and inertia.


The museum even had it’s own Publix inside – fully equipped with shopping carts, a freezer section, and a working cash register (seriously, the scanner worked with real prices)! This was Edith’s favorite room. We racked up a $325 grocery bill!



On Saturdays, during the months of April-November, Charleston has a great farmer’s market. There is live music, several food trucks, and lots of yummy food to buy and bring back to the house to cook. If you go in the summer, go first thing in the morning (they open at 8:00) to avoid the heat. This is the only picture I have because we were literally melting at 11:00 and could only stay for 20 minutes.

farmersmarketLastly, my mom lives next to the horse stables that offer carriage rides. Every morning, the first thing we do is walk down to see the horses. Edith has become quite fond of this particular horse, Big John. He is the nicest horse we have ever met and the staff are so sweet to let us in all the time. There are also two chickens, Monica and Chandler, that live at one of the barns. It is always fun to go looking for them. We did end up taking a 1 hour basic tour with Big John, per Edith’s request, and I would say to hold off until they are maybe 5 years old. Edith was mostly entertained by the snacks I brought and her love for Big John but she started to get pretty antsy 40 minutes in. Also, if you do take a tour, go first thing in the morning so it is not so hot.





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