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Lilah is almost two. I may have started crying just typing that. I haven’t even really thought about her birthday party yet because I do not want to admit the reality that my baby is full-blown toddler. These past few days Lilah has been teething which, while its hard and exhausting, has made her extra snuggly and constantly asking to get “Uppy!” into my arms. Usually, this would be even more exhausting, but she is the type of kid who never likes to snuggle or be held so you better believe I was soaking up every minute.

I have to be a totally different type of mama to Lilah than I am to Edith. I was all set and confident in my role of motherhood until she came around and from day one wanted me to know she was completely opposite from her sister. Lilah needs me to chase her all around the playground, read “Ten Apples Up On Top” a million and a half times, and give her space to explore the world all on her own. When Lilah is upset she likes when you wait for her to come to you. If you go to her too quickly she will run away. Things have to be on “her” time. She knows what she wants and isn’t going to let up until she gets it. She likes to eat food, all the food. There hasn’t been much she is picky about, except for blueberries, and she will eat her weight in rice and beans. Lilah’s favorites things to say are “mine”, “Sissy”, “Papa Do” and “don’t do that” which I think pretty much some up all of her interests. Her Daddy holds the key to her heart and even though she has no interest in sharing with her “Sissy”, she is forever looking to Edith to see what she is doing and to emulate her every move when we aren’t watching. Lilah is the most fiercely determined and energetic little girl I have ever met.

So as these bed head, sleepless night, pajamas all day, messy house days pass day I want to remember to be grateful for all of it. Because today she is almost two and then she will be almost five and starting Kindergarten and almost 12 starting Junior High and it is all going to fly by and I don’t want to forget a minute of it.

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    1. Thanks Kayla! The time really does fly so fast. What I wouldn’t give to go back to those sleepless days with a three month old! Enjoy it <3 xx

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