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Style Guide | One Week In Spain



Aaron and I are leaving for Spain in just one week! I’m so excited you guys. We have never travelled internationally alone together and I’m really looking forward to how romantic and incredible this trip is going to be. It’s my first trip to Spain and we are going to be staying in Barcelona so if any of you have any favorite tapas places or things we have to see let me know! I’m drying to try everything.

I also thought I’d share with you guys what I’m packing for the trip. Of course not everything is listed above but these are the main pieces to get my through the entire week. A helpful tip for trying to pack light is to stick to neutrals and then one color. So I’m packing white, navy, and a pop of red. That way everything I’m bringing with me will go together.

The weather is going to be amazing so I hope I get to use this new suit at the hotel pool or the beach at least once while I’m there. I’m bringing these jeans to pair with a t-shirt or the top from this really cute 2 piece set from Free People.

You can go directly to the pieces by clicking on them in the image above or shop them below!:


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  1. Het, have fun in BCN sounds gre!at! I live in Girona, which is a small city just north of Barcelona. Beautiful by the way and a 40 min. trip by high speed train. We’re in the middle of Girona, temps de flors, where they basically cover the entire old town in floral display. Google it, it’s worth the trip. The temperature just went way up and it’s blisteringly hot right now so make sure to bring a floppy hat or buy one while you’re here. Make sure to go to the beach, but get out of Barcelona! It’s awful there, try Tossa de Mar, Calella de Palafrugell or even make your way up to Cadaqués (that’s further though). We also really like the Platja de San Pol. The food is great but full of tourist traps, remember that Catalans don’t really eat tapas, that’s more typical in other parts of Spain, even so, you can find loads of places to eat them and although they tend to be more geared towards tourists they are still good fun. So, enjoy yourself, careful for pickpockets and let me know if you need anything (although hanging out with your husband all by yourself is the absolute best.)

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