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A Walk on the Highline


highline-viewLast week, Edie and I headed to Chelsea after school to meet my dear friend, Nicki, and her daughter for a evening of fun on the Highline. There was a new LEGO exhibit (note: they are pretty strict on the 4+ age rule) and the weather was great.


It was only a little crowded which made taking our time strolling down the park so enjoyable. I love watching all of the things that catch the girl’s attention. Every surface is somewhere to climb on, jump off of, swing on…


edieandcamiEdie is a little older than Nicki’s daughter so she was acting as the “ringleader” of the evening – encouraging her to run a little further away from the grown-ups or climb a little higher than her Mama would have liked. Sorry Nicki 😉



peoplespopIts not a day on the Highline without a stop at People’s Pop!

artAfterwards, we grabbed dinner at Chelsea Market and headed home on the subway together towards Brooklyn. This outing made me so excited for all the fun things this city has to offer in the summer. Thanks for the great evening Nicki!




Be Right Back!


airportToday was Edith’s last day of school! They played a slideshow of pictures from the entire year and I cried like a baby when I saw her teacher start tearing up. Edith has made such special friends and we will really miss them this summer.

I thought the sudden change of schedule would bother the kids so I planned to leave right after school let out for the airport and head on down to Charleston, SC! We love coming here to see my parents and unplug from city life a bit. We have plans to go to the beach, the aquarium, and eat lots of good food. I am also looking forward to a few meetings I set up with some of my favorite local bloggers. Charleston is easily one of my favorite places in the world. I plan on taking a few days to get settled, relax, and then I’ll check back in here after the weekend.

See you soon!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide


fathersdayONE // A great add-on gift that smells delicious. I would probably end up stealing this for myself!

TWO // You take so many pictures of him with the kids, why not make it into an adorable board book to keep forever?

THREE // Classic. Sexy. Perfect for summer.

FOUR // Because he has worn out every other pair of boots he owns and he can wear these practically anywhere.

FIVE // I didn’t know this was a thing but sure, why not? I love his beard maybe more than he does.

SIX // This could come in handy for that camping trip he has planned next month.

SEVEN // So when the camping trip is over he can begin planning the biking trip he’s been working up to.

EIGHT // A beautiful bag to take on business trips or that weekend getaway you two have been meaning to take together. Make a reservation HERE or HERE and you’ll be all set.



Edith’s First Dance Recital


edithrecital1I woke up on Sunday with butterflies in my stomach because this little girl had her first dance recital. The nerves were not something I expected, but as I left her backstage with all of the other dancers I had a million thoughts running through my mind:

“What if she needs me to open her granola bar? What happens if she gets scared? What if she wants a hug? What if she needs to go to the bathroom? Who is going to tell her how great she is going be before she walks on stage?”

Well, she needed all of those things and luckily she had her amazing teachers to help her with all of them. Her class was also assigned a “big girl” helper who went on stage with them. Edith called her “Princess Sadie” and she told me how Sadie gave her lots of hugs and even a gummy bear!

I may have cried her entire performance out of sheer joy. I was so proud to watch her walk onto the stage with confidence. She had a big smile on her face the whole time. It was one of those moments that as a parent you think, “Ok, I’m doing a good job here”. To watch her be independent and feel a sense of accomplishment in herself is something I will cherish forever.

edith2Look at how proud she is showing Daddy her medal! Seriously!? My heart was exploding.

edith3Picking her up backstage after the performance with lots of kisses.


recital5And there was no better way to end the morning than brunch at Sarabeth’s. The staff was so sweet and handed out balloons to all the dancers who came in wearing their costumes. The perfect end to a perfect morning. Dance is something she really seems to love and I hope there are many more of these recitals to come.






Have a great weekend!


lilahdonutsToday is National Donut Day! This is definitely one manufactured holidays I can fully get behind. I’ll be celebrating by eating a dozen donuts from my favorite shop. Also, my mom is coming into town today and it is just in time because Lilah is going through a terrible sleep regression and this Mama needs a break!

Here’s a few things that caught my eye this week:

I’m going to check out this exhibit after school with Edie and grab an early dinner at Chelsea Market.

One of my favorite online shops for kid’s clothes is having an anniversary sale through the weekend of 30% off!

Edie requested I make this three different times this week and I happily obliged.

If you’re local to NYC scoop up one of the last tickets to this awesome picnic.

After having a negative experience, I found this article about eating your placenta interesting.

An extremely moving post.

I can’t wait to use this everyday at the park this summer.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

(photo by Nicki Sebastian)