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Victoria Gardens


Friday afternoon, Edie and I took the F train up to Central Park to meet our friends, Nicki and her daughter Cami, for a play date at Victoria Gardens. If you haven’t been, it is definitely worth going and reasonably priced. It wasn’t busy at all and we only had to wait in line to go on the ferris wheel. However, this may not be the case on a weekend and I saw the prices increased a bit also so try and go on a weekday.

vg2How did my little girl get to be so big!? Edie is just over 36″ which meant she could ride most of the rides by herself, something she couldn’t have been more excited about. On the roller coaster she politely asked that I sit somewhere else because she was brave and wanted to go all alone. So I took the seat behind her, stared at all of her little curls, and watched my fiercly independent daughter have the time of her life.


This frog ride bounced up and down pretty high. We were all giggling uncontrollably our first time around. Edith has no fear whatsoever and had her hands in the air the entire ride.

vg3There were also two or three games for the kids to play (they require tickets and aren’t included in the unlimited wristband). Our girls were a bit short for “Whack-A-Mole” so we played the water gun game just enough times to win a stuffed turtle for the two girls and one to bring home to baby Lilah.


vg6Ok, so I just wanted to add this picture so we can all agree that Nicki is a total babe…and Edie’s curls…

vg8The girls started to get hungry so we ended the night with burgers and took the train home together. Edie was giving Cami a ridiculous therapy session on the train that involved the Daniel Tiger angry song. She is so precocious sometimes!


vg10It was the perfect way to start my weekend and a really fun night out for me and Edie to spend a little extra time together.








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