Walking Into Spring Florals


Stepping into Spring Florals with Revolve and Loeffler Randall in Harbour Island, Bahamas | Lucky Penny Blog |

While on his morning run, my husband found this amazing stretch of the island that was flanked on either side with these beautiful bougainvilleas and I knew I found the perfect backdrop for this dress. I love exploring a place and trying to find the lesser known areas that aren’t the typical photo spots tourists normally take. It’s my way of getting to know a place and trying to see it from my own unique perspective.

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Design & Style

Lucky Finds | A One Piece For Every Style


My Favorite One Piece Swim To Suit Any Style | Lucky Penny Blog | My Favorite One Piece Swim To Suit Any Style | Lucky Penny Blog |

I know sometimes the one piece bathing suit gets a bad wrap for being something only your mom would wear and I totally get that as a mom myself. The appeal is real! I don’t have to worry about my kids pulling my top off all day as they climb all over me or feel insecure about some of my saggy skin that never goes away despite my best efforts at the gym. But, I’m here to tell you, the one piece can be very sexy and head turning while giving you the coverage you want or just as an alternative to your normal bikinis. Click through as I share my favorite one piece swim picks for every style and budget!

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New York

Sweets for Valentine’s Day | The Best Desserts in NYC


Sweets for Valentine's Day | Favorite Desserts in NYC | A Casual Valentine's Day Outfit with Topshop | Lucky Penny Blog |

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you exchange gifts? Go to a fancy dinner? I may be a little on the cynical side, but it’s not really the holiday for me. Of course, I’m not going to be mad waking up to a sweet card from my hubby or a small bouquet of flowers, but I definitely don’t expect anything big or sparkly. In fact, the real way to my heart is sweets!

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