Modern Baby Book : A Story Of You


Modern Baby Book : A Story of You with Artifact Uprising and Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog |

There are a few things that are true as a stereotypical mom of two….I call my kids the wrong name constantly, the baby gets away with everything, and Lilah barely has any keepsakes saved because who’s got time for that?! So, now that she’s three and things have finally crossed the line into “everything in manageable” now, I’m getting around to her baby book thanks to Artifact Uprising. Click through to see more about this beautiful modern baby book….

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# Together We Mother – A Letter For You


a letter to my dad and my husband on father's day

Okay, just going to let you guys know this is an emotional one. This week, as part of the #TogetherWeMother series, we were asked to write a letter to our father/father figure/husbands and it took me a good long while to get the courage to sit with my laptop and write this one out. As you know, my Dad passed away a little over a year ago so I could just write a letter to Aaron and make it easier but instead, I wanted to write one to both. So, in honor of Father’s Day, here are my letters to the two men in my life….

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Travel Guide | Barcelona


Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog Share Her Definitive Guide To Barcelona |

When I sent a link with cheap flight prices to Barcelona to my husband saying “Birthday present?” I was semi-kidding but when he sent me back a receipt for our tickets I was blown away. I had only ever been to Europe once before (remember my Paris trip?) so I was really excited. What was even more exciting was that it was going to be a trip just for us. I’m so grateful Aaron’s moms were able to fly out here and be with the girls while I enjoyed the best birthday a girl turning 30 could ask for. So here it is, my full Barcelona travel guide. So go ahead and click through to see everywhere we ate, went, stayed, and the best spots to snag a great Instagram picture.!

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5 Things I Learned In My 20’s


It’s official…I’m 30! I thought I’d be dreading this day (and the inevitable grey hairs and wrinkles that will come with it) but to be honest, I’ve never felt better. It might have to do with the fact that I spent most of my 20’s pregnant or postpartum and caring for babies so it wasn’t the carefree decade most people experience. But maybe it’s just that I’ve learned a few things about myself that I didn’t really know 10 years ago and that helps me feel more settled and confident going forward. Click through for the 5 life lessons I’ve learned in my 20’s….

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RECIPE: Lemon Poppy Seed Dutch Baby


Lemon Poppy Seed Dutch Baby Recipe | Lucky Penny Blog |

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my favorite “feels fancy but is super simple” weekend recipe for a Lemon Poppy Seed Dutch Baby from my girl Gabi at Mi Cielo. This only takes about 20 minutes to make but you’ll be sure to impress all your friends. Click through for the full recipe!

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