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My Mom is a very interesting woman. I once heard someone say about her, “Jean’s never met a stranger in her life” and I think that’s the truest statement I could make about her. She’s outgoing, the life of the party, charming in the most Southern way possible, and stylish to the extreme.

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on the floor of the bathroom watching her get ready for some party. She had tiny bottles of lotions and perfumes and lipsticks everywhere and I thought she was the most beautiful woman alive. I used to sneak into her bathroom and use all of the fancy powders and perfumes. My sister and I would play dress-up in her clothes and put on fashion shows for her and my Dad.

We weren’t always the closest from the ages of 12-21 but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t always there for me, it was mostly that I wasn’t able to be there for her. Now, my mom and I talk everyday and sometimes even a few times a day. That mostly happened once I got pregnant with Edith. I thikn I called her immediately crying and apologizing for staying gout late, making her worry, saying awful things to her. I realized in that moment how much she must love me and despite her faults, her love was unconditional.

We still have our ups and downs like another mother daughter relationship I think, but we’ve found a really good groove. Now that I am a mom to two girls, there are a few “Jean-isms” that I bring with me into how I parent my girls.

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  • Have fun – My mom used to turn the music on loud while she cooked breakfast on Sunday mornings and we would dance around the house to Tina Turner and Billy Joel. I do the same thing with my girls (despite their protests for me to just play the Trolls soundtrack). I want to be silly and crazy and let loose with my girls and let them see how to have fun in life, even during the boring bits like making dinner for the 234th night in a row.
  • Have a life – My mom and Dad went out, a lot. They also entertained at our house a lot. We would go to grownup parties and be expected to behave and be polite and not interrupt their good time. Now, I live in a tiny little house and we don’t do much entertaining, but we have a babysitter come once a week so Aaron and I can go out. It’s important for them to see that while I love them more than anything in the entire world, they aren’t my entire world, just a very big piece of it. I want them to know mommy has friends, and interests, and deserves romance,  happiness, and a life of her own.
  • Have a little faith – My mom and Dad had both been married and raised children prior to having my sister and I. They were also a little older when we were born (my mom was 40 when she had me). I think what this allowed them to do was enjoy the fun parts about being a parent and not sweat the small stuff. I also think they gave us a lot of trust. I was a very responsible little girl so often times on family vacations we had our own connecting hotel room and my sister and I could run around the hotel by ourselves as long as we were dressed and ready for dinner by 6pm. We would be out in the neighborhood by ourselves and while my mom knew kind of where we were, she just trusted us to stay put. I left childhood feeling very independent and capable. With my girls, I like to give them a good amount of that age-appropriate independence for themselves. For example, at the playground I am very hands off. I sit on the bench and let them play. I let them work out their physical limits and interactions with other kids (for the most part…) and allow them to feel like that is their space to explore and be free.

What has your mom taught you about motherhood?

This post was written as part of the #TogetherWeMother series – honest stories about motherhood meant to bring about community and relationships to this space. 

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Style Guide | One Week In Spain



Aaron and I are leaving for Spain in just one week! I’m so excited you guys. We have never travelled internationally alone together and I’m really looking forward to how romantic and incredible this trip is going to be. It’s my first trip to Spain and we are going to be staying in Barcelona so if any of you have any favorite tapas places or things we have to see let me know! I’m drying to try everything.

I also thought I’d share with you guys what I’m packing for the trip. Of course not everything is listed above but these are the main pieces to get my through the entire week. A helpful tip for trying to pack light is to stick to neutrals and then one color. So I’m packing white, navy, and a pop of red. That way everything I’m bringing with me will go together.

The weather is going to be amazing so I hope I get to use this new suit at the hotel pool or the beach at least once while I’m there. I’m bringing these jeans to pair with a t-shirt or the top from this really cute 2 piece set from Free People.

You can go directly to the pieces by clicking on them in the image above or shop them below!:



Create & Cultivate NYC


create and cultivate nyc | the highs and the lows |

Last weekend I participated in Create & Cultivate NYC – a day long creative conference for women in the digital world. Of the course of the day I sat in panels, shopped the curated marketplace, and connected with so many other amazing women. Click through to read my full recap of the day and what I loved and what I wish was done different.

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#SayHi With Old Navy x Goop


Celebrating Mother's Day with Old Navy x Goop

When your friends at Old Navy ask you to come celebrate Mother’s Day and the launch of their latest collection, “Havana Nights”  with tacos and guacamole at Tacombi, you don’t say no! The team from Goop was also on board to host the most adorable cake decorating with edible flowers.  Click through to see more fun photos from the event and to shop our favorite looks from the collection!

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Spring Ruffles


spring ruffles

spring ruffles

The Lilac tress all along my street are in full bloom, it is warm enough outside for bare legs (although with how pale I am, I’m not sure I should be so brave yet), and I’ve finally cleaned out my closet of all the wool coats and snow boots.

Spring in the city seems to come and go. It’s like one day it’s gorgeous out, not too hot and not too cold, and the next day its sweltering and you find yourself longing for Fall and it’s crisp cool breeze. So for today, I’m soaking up Spring for all I can get and fully embracing Spring dressing, like this ruffled skirt.

I love that ruffles are such a huge trend for Spring. I’m not usually that girly, but for some reason these feel like a little more grown-up version of the ruffles from my school girl days. I’ll admit, I will probably be saving this for a beach party in the Hamptons for my sister’s Bachelorette weekend rather than wearing it schlepping my kids around Brooklyn all summer long. But it’s nice to get dressed up every now, am I right?!

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