Favorite Fall Salad


A Favorite Fall Salad | Lucky Penny Blog |

Now that I’ve officially eaten all of my kids’ leftover Halloween candy, I’m looking to add a heaping dose of healthy food back into my fall recipe rotation. This salad using Bowery lettuce is one of my favorites. Bowery grows all of it’s produce inside in a vertical garden and as a result, is 100x more productive than traditional agricultural practices and you can eat your greens without washing because they are just that clean!

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October In Review


October was a real good one folks! The weather finally came around in NYC, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday, and I think we totally nailed Halloween. Here’s a little recap of the rest of my October….

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! Our night started off a little different than we had planned. There was a horrific and tragic terror attack right as we were getting ready to head out for the night to do our trick or treating. Sometimes these things feel so far away and sometimes they hit a little too close to home. Aaron runs along the West Side Highway several times a week and we have so many dear friends who live in the area that I called and texted right away hoping everyone was okay.

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5 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms


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5 Workouts for Busy Moms | Lucky Penny Blog |

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s a new week and while I’d normally be feeling the “Monday Scaries”, today I’m focusing on starting my week off on a high note. After struggling with my health and anxiety for a few months, I’m finally getting my routine back on track. I’ve noticed that when I’m staying active, getting plenty of rest, and eating right, I feel so much better overall. As busy Moms, I know that’s not always the easiest to do so today I’m sharing 5 workouts that you can do anywhere and in no time at all.

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Design & Style

Favorite Fall Boots


Favorite Boots For The Fall Season | Lucky Penny Blog |

Boots may be my favorite footwear (after a good sneaker!). It’s so easy to stay comfortable and run around with the kids while making it seem like I put some effort into my outfit to look stylish. Click through for a run down of all my faves!

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