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Spring Refresh With Google Home


Google Home Spring Refresh |

This past week I was prepping for a photo shoot for an exciting project (coming soon !) and found it to be a great excuse to dig in to a little spring cleaning. We’ve been in our apartment for about a year and signed a new two-year lease, so I figured I should do my best to make this place feel as much like home as possible.

We had bought all of the big furniture items that we wanted for the house, but what he hadn’t done was take the time to style all of the surfaces in the house.  It’s the craziest thing how a few simple objects can have such an impact on a space. So today, I wanted to show you how I styled a side table three ways.

I knew for this particular space, I wanted to have our Google Home on the side table. It’s modern and clean design make it seamlessly blend into our existing decor. Our living  area and kitchen are such a small open space that having the ability to say, “Google, play the Trolls soundtrack” or “Google, how many ounces are in a pint?” is such a big help while I’m trying to get dinner ready. My favorite trick is asking it to set a timer so when they girls are having a hard time sharing, Google politely reminds them their time is up.

Often I joke with my friends over coffee about my crazy indecisiveness that I’m sure stems from being a typical Gemini. Sometimes it feels like there are a million versions of myself living simultaneously together in my body – a free spirit bohemian, a complete minimalist, a urban city dweller, a country girl who just wants a beautifully restored farmhouse and a million babies. Most of the time I can’t make up my mind. Here, I’ve narrowed down the three personalities I find myself leaning towards the most and styled my living room side table accordingly.

1. The Modern Girl – She’s fun, whimsical, and doesn’t take herself (or her style) too seriously. Maybe this is my Carrie Bradshaw? I used a colorful coffee table book and quirky candle from Jonathan Adler. Look for modern lines and colors and things that feel accidentally placed but look somehow good together.

Google Home Spring Refresh |

2. The Bohemian Romantic – Ethereal, free-spirited, and probably drinking a green juice after morning yoga; this is the side of me that wants to trade in the concrete jungle for a slow paced life on a beach somewhere. Try finding items from nature. For example, I used a crystal and sea shell Edith and I found on a beach in the Bahamas together last year. The candle is also scented with earthy elements like cedar and sage.

Google Home Spring Refresh |

3. The Global Traveller – Her home is filled with treasures from her many adventures, each with a story to tell. Look for small statues or decorative objects within a color scheme. Also, sticking with the “rule of three” helps it all feel pulled together.

Google Home Spring Refresh |

Which style suits you the best? Are you in the middle of Spring cleaning? What’s your favorite way to make an old space feel new again?

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