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A Morning In The East Village



Over Labor Day weekend we woke up on Saturday and headed out to the East Village. We figured between the holiday weekend and it being 8:00am in that neighborhood we would have the park all to ourselves, and we did. There is also this incredible mural up right now at the First Street Green Art Park that I knew I had to see. The girls and I had a lot of fun playing “I Spy” with the different color hearts.

LuckyPenny090515_ChristineHanPhotography-14 LuckyPenny090515_ChristineHanPhotography-9

The girls are both wearing Egg by Susan Lazar. When I first saw this dress it just screamed “Edie” to me. The peter pan collar, that beautiful blue… And I can’t get over how sweet Lilah looks, like she is my tiny and adorable circus performer! Lilah is hands-down the messiest child in the entire world so when we are just hanging out around the house I keep her in cheap little onesies that she can destroy. Now when I dress her up I can’t believe that she actually isn’t such a baby anymore! This outfit made me realize how big she is getting and I’m just not sure I’m ready to admit I have a toddler and preschooler not a baby and toddler.

LuckyPenny090515_ChristineHanPhotography-16 LuckyPenny090515_ChristineHanPhotography-22 LuckyPenny090515_ChristineHanPhotography-26

And while the girls were playing, Christine and I headed over to Freeman’s Alley (because you can’t not take pictures in Freeman’s Alley if you’re in the East Village) for a couple of shots of me. I’m a total spaz in front of the camera and feel so much more comfortable taking pictures of the girls but Christine gives great direction and made it feel so easy. Thanks Christine!





(Photography by Christine Han. Girls outfits c/o Egg by Susan Lazar. My onesie is Ace & Jig from Meus Shop)

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