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Mornings in Prospect Park



The other week, I headed out one morning with the girls to check out all of the gorgeous leaves that have been falling in Prospect Park. We are just three blocks away so we picked up bagels to eat along the way and headed out to go exploring. Our friend Molly tagged along to take some pictures.


Lilah has to bring a stuffed animal along with her wherever we go. On this day, her favorite bunny, Bao Bao, was in the laundry so Missy Mouse came along. Edith never liked stuffed animals so it is really sweet to see how attached Lilah can get to them.


Is there really anything better than throwing a bunch of crisp leaves the air and running through them? We may have gotten into a leaf throwing fight to practice for all of the snowball fights we hope to have this winter!




Fall is also one of my favorite times of the year for dressing up the girls, and myself. The colors, the textures, the layering… Give me a bonnet and ribbed knitted tights and I’m happy!

You can see more pictures from our little park adventure over on Little Peanut Magazine’s blog and a big thanks to Caramel Baby & Child for the gorgeous clothes.

(My outfit is from Madewell and Lilah’s bonnet is from the amazing Briar Handmade)

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