Happy New Year! And A Few Charleston Photos



Happy Monday and a Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break. We left Brooklyn on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with my family in Charleston, South Carolina and came back on New Year’s Day. It was nice having the weekend back home to detox from traveling and too much food. Here are a few (okay more than a few, it was hard to choose!) photos from our trip:


This was the only picture I took on Christmas morning. The girls were so excited to run out and see what Santa had brought them. The room was in complete shambles but it was the greatest joy to watch them open their gifts they had been asking for for months. Their aunts bought them the Frozen goodies I had been holding out on, including a sing-a-long kareoke machine that is haunting my dreams, but it really made them happy so I couldn’t be mad for long.

christmas2015_09 christmas2015_20 christmas2015_06

We spent an afternoon on Sullivan’s Island. My sister moved out there a few months ago and we love having a little beach retreat to escape too. Even though it was a cloudy, grey day the girls had a blast building sandcastles and running away from the breaking waves. It is as if they were both born for the beach life; must be my Florida blood in them!

christmas2015_11 christmas2015_21 christmas2015_03

The food in Charleston is incredible! One of these days I hope to put together a little city guide of all of our favorite places. We ate enough biscuits, ice cream, fried chicken, collards, and grits to last a lifetime, which is exactly why Aaron and I have included giving up sweets in our resolutions. I apologize in advance if you run into me the next few weeks and I’m terribly grumpy while I miss my nightly cookies in bed and almond croissants.

christmas2015_08 christmas2015_02 christmas2015_07 christmas2015_05

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Another pictures of our favorite guy in Charleston, “Big John”. He is at the big red barn stables so be sure to go and say hello to him if you’re in the area. He is the sweetest horse in the world and has been Edie’s favorite animal since she was 9 months old. He is a daily mention in our house and this was the first trip that Edie decided she was brave enough to pet him! We couldn’t believe it! She was kissing him and feeding him carrots all day long.



christmas2015_12 christmas2015_15

I’m really excited for 2016. Part of me is sad that the girls are getting a bit older and are no longer my tiny babies, but I am looking forward to all of the adventures we are going to have and the memories that will be made and remembered now that they are really able to explore the world around them.  I have a lot of hopes for 2016. I hope that I’m able to slow down, get on the floor, and really enjoy the madness that comes with two toddlers. I hope I’m able to laugh at myself a little more, let go of the small things, and learn to accept all of my shortcomings and strengths. I hope we can be more adventurous – wether we travel the world or try to explore a new part of Prospect Park.

So here’s to the New Year! Thank you all so much for coming back to this place. I have met so many incredible people through this crazy internet world and I am so excited to see what opportunities and relationships the New Year will bring.

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