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One of my favorite parts about having two kids is getting to see each of their individual personalities really shine through. When Lilah was born I thought she would be exactly the same kind of baby as Edith and would love to play in all of the ways that Edith and I already played. Boy, was I wrong. From day one, Lilah has made every effort to show me just how different she is.

Now that she just turned two, Lilah is really coming into her own and we have been exploring ways to find what really engages and interests her. Enter, Sawyer. Sawyer is the easiest way to explore and try new kid’s classes in your area. I signed up and tried two different classes for Lilah, a reading + yoga class at Monkey Do and an art class at Private Picassos.

Sawyer, a new way to explore kid classes in NYC|

Sawyer, a new way to explore kid classes in NYC|

This was Lilah’s first yoga class and she was pretty skeptical at first. I think she thought I was going to drop her off so she stuck close to me most of the beginning of class. The teacher was very patient and eventually Lilah opened up when she started reading A Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. We moved into a few positions like downward dog and sun pose. She really loved shaking the parachute and running underneath it. The meditation bowl with a deep breath and “om” were also big hits. I think by the end of class she considered herself a little yogi!

Sawyer, a new way to explore kid classes in NYC|

Art class was definitely her favorite. Lilah loves to get her hands dirty and the teacher in this class had a great pace which kept up with her super short attention span. Every time I thought she was going to get bored, the teacher would come in with a new material for the little ones to explore. We used crayons, markers, paint, stamps, finger paint, and glue. We came home super happy and messy. It was a good day!

Sawyer, a new way to explore kid classes in NYC|

Sawyer, a new way to explore kid classes in NYC|

What I really loved about Sawyer was the flexibility and price. In New York, kid’s classes can be so outrageously expensive and they enroll on a semester basis so it is really a huge commitment to that class once you sign up. We travel often, the kids get sick, or a relative is visiting so we often have to miss a class, which at regular prices, is really disappointing but with Sawyer we can cancel up to an hour before class!

With Sawyer you can chose between two plans, $39/month for 2 classes or $99/month for 6 classes. I can also enroll both girls under the same plan and use the pass for either girl. I can also book the class up to an hour before it starts which is great for those random days that Edith needs a little extra alone time with me. I’m really looking forward to trying some of the other great classes like Carmello the Science Fellow and Super Soccer Stars since Edith has been talking about soccer non-stop this past week. Sawyer has also been kind enough to offer my NYC/Brooklyn mamas 20% off your first month with the code LUCKYPENNY and you can you sign up here.

This post is sponsored by Sawyer. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lucky Penny. 


  1. Looks like she found her niche….you are such a good mother to your kids. Understanding that each child is different at an early age is so important for their development to walk their own path in life. Bless you for all you do for your kids…………I enjoy your blog so much. Absolutely love love love watching the girls grow and develop into such adorable little girls.

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