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summer dresses, sisterhood, & thoughts on raising sisters |

Now that the girls have turned two and four, we are at the stage where things are finally starting to get easier. They can do most things together at the park, they play with the same toys, and they are able to interact and keep each other company while I get ready or do chores. I think the biggest shift in their relationship as sisters has come from starting to attend the same daycare.

A few months ago, Lilah joined Edith at her preschool a couple of days a week and now they are inseparable. On the days that Lilah is home with me, she wakes up from her naps calling out for Edith. On the days she naps at school, I get pictures from her teacher of them holding hands and sleeping next to one another. Edith loves to show Lilah off to her friends at school and Lilah feels safe and comfortable with Edith around. Often times while I am cooking dinner, I will look up and find Edith reading Lilah a book or dressing her up while she calls her “Sweetie”.

summer dresses, sisterhood, & thoughts on raising sisters |

I remember being this age with my own sister. I treated her like my baby doll, dragging her around from one activity to the next. Seeing as we were only 13 months apart, we too shared a lot of the same interests and approached milestones similarly as children. As we grew older, it became obvious we had our differences. I took less of an interest in her and she became less agreeable to me bossing her around (understandably so!). But, some of my favorite memories were when my family would take us on vacation and we would be forced to spend time together. We were often the only other kids at these hotels and would spend entire days alone exploring, playing, and creating elaborate make believe games. I never felt afraid when our parents would take us to the hotel Kid’s Club because I always had my sister there with me.

summer dresses, sisterhood, & thoughts on raising sisters |

summer dresses, sisterhood, & thoughts on raising sisters |

summer dresses, sisterhood, & thoughts on raising sisters |

I know that the relationship between sisters can be complicated but I am holding out for every hope that as Edith and Lilah grow older they grow closer. I hope that the live near each other when they are older, call each other late at night when they need advice, and still consider each other their greatest friend.

Photos by Julia Elizabeth for Lucky Penny

Both girls are wearing dress c/o Egg by Susan Lazar. Be sure to check out their blog for even more pictures of these sweet dresses.

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  1. Hi Ana!
    I stumbled upon your blog this weekend & I am in love! I agree that having a sister can be difficult at times, but I know she will always be there for me. I can have those “girl” conversations that I would never have with my brothers. Your family is so beautiful and so are you.

    Have a good day 🙂

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