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Mealtime with kids in partnership with Miniware by Bonnsu |

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For the past two years I have felt like mealtime is a constant battle and chore. Although we did modified baby-led weaning with Lilah, she still needed different things on her plate than her sister and I felt like I was spending all of my time in the kitchen try to cater to each of their food preferences and different needs. It was exhausting. Then, about six months ago, we made a few small changes and the girls began expanding their food choices and behaving a little better at meals. These aren’t really tips, just things that I have noticed make a difference for us and help mealtime go a little smoother.

  • Aaron is gone five nights a week for dinner so I rarely sit with them while they’re eating and try to get a head-start on the dishes and cleaning up the living room before bedtime. I decided to start sitting and eating my meals with them and leave the cleaning for later. They started seeing me try different foods and eating a few bites of things I don’t have a liking for. This showed them that its good to try new things and I was better able to engage them in conversation about our day, rather than be running all over the house.
  • Around the New Year, Aaron decided to try and eat based on the Paleo diet. This made our normal routine of ordering out for dinner most nights impractical so, in support of him, I decided to make more of an effort to cook at home and make choice that can accommodate his new diet. As a result, I noticed the girls eating more of the food and making healthier choices for themselves too since we usually have a few vegetable options for each dinner.
  • I stopped using Bento style plates. There were so many meals the girls wouldn’t eat because everything was “touching”. I had been using plates with separate compartments since I started feeding them and as a result, they never got used to the idea of casseroles or stir-frys. It wasn’t until I started using these plates that I got more creative in meal preparation and now love finding new “one pot/pan” recipes that are a lot easier to make.

When Miniware by BONNSU reached out to me, I was so pleased to find a line of dinnerware for children that looks beautiful, is eco-friendly, and is super functional for children with the added benefit of the removable suction cup bottom. We have been trying to cut back on our use of plastic as a family, so having bowls made just from bamboo fiber, vegetable starch, and emulsion is amazing. There is no need to worry about BPA or other chemicals sometimes found in regular plastic dinnerware. The best part is that is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe so cleanup and reheating leftovers is a total breeze.

Mealtime with kids in partnership with Miniware by Bonnsu |

Mealtime with kids in partnership with Miniware by Bonnsu |

Edith loves to use her silverware, but Lilah is still a bit destructive and messy at the table. She has been known to even pick up her plate and just empty it out over the highchair just for fun. So having the suction cup on her Miniware plate saves my sanity and my floors from those really big messes. We use the cereal bowl for Lilah more to also make it easier to get her food on the utensils while Edith mostly uses the sandwich plate. So far their favorite meal is still lunch. It’s the time of the day when they eat the most food so I try and not stress about how much they eat for dinner or breakfast.

Miniware is offering my readers 10% off your order when you use the code “GETLUCKY10” at checkout now through 10/5. Their dinnerware has been such a beautiful and functional addition to our home and I just know you’ll love it too.

This post was sponsored by Miniware by BONNSU. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lucky Penny!

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