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I’m really trying to enjoy and soak in the last week of summer but I can’t help but look forward to chilly morning walks to school, cozying up with a blanket and hot chocolate on the couch, and spending time with family during the upcoming holidays. This time of year always bring a fresh perspective and opportunity to reflect on what blessings I’ve had and enjoyed this past year.

This has been a particularly hard year for me; I’m not going to lie. Aside from my father’s passing, there have been a few other personal situations that have really been weighing on my mind and leaving me feeling like most days I have to fake a smile. It is so hard to stay positive in the midst of this complete chaos that is my life but I’ve been realizing I feel the most peace and serenity when I’m finding gratitude in every situation I am faced with. And when I look at my girls, I realize I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Rather than focusing on how I lost my Dad, I try and change the narrative to “I am grateful I was able to be with him during his final days and I am grateful for the many wonderful years and memories I have with him”. Small changes like that in my thinking help me find and focus on the positive and I am able to be reminded of the many gifts I have and have had throughout my life.

I have also tried to express my gratitude to those closest to me, especially during this time where I feel like I have needed them the most. I want to be the person who can show up for the important people in my life and also people I see in the neighborhood, like our school crossing guard and mailman. Sometimes it seems difficult to find a way to say thank you but what I’ve come to learn is that it doesn’t take much. merci is a European chocolate brand that wants to makes saying thank you to those special people in your life super easy with their delicious sampling of eight flavored chocolates, wrapped individually and boxed to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

You can now pick up merci chocolates at Target, Walgreens, and Walmart stateside and I can guarantee they will put a smile on anyone’s face. I’d love to hear ways that you practice to find gratitude and say “thank you” to people you know.

This post was sponsored by merci chocolates. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lucky Penny.

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