#TogetherWeMother – What Motherhood Has Made Me Grateful For


gratitude in motherhood

We agreed that with Thanksgiving approaching tomorrow it would be interesting to see how gratitude stems from our roles of Motherhood. With the world in the state that it is, I’ve been making a small gratitude list daily to remind myself of the joy and love that does exist even when things seem hopeless (a practice I have used for years in difficult times) and so I thought I would make a list today of the simple joys I’m grateful for as a mother.

  • My Husband – I’m grateful for the laughs I hear as he chases them down the hallway, his hands that help me dry the dishes while I wash, and the rock he has been to me and our family during the hardest of times. I don’t ever want to do this thing without him.
  • My Mom – I remember calling her when Edie was about 6 months old in tears after a particularly hard day and appologizing profusely for any time I ever told her I hated her, stayed out past curfew, or hurt her feelings intentionally. Its her 70th birthday tomorrow and as I hold my girls, I think about the generations of women that are here because of her and I’m eternally grateful for that.
  • Sleep – Do I really need to say more? : )
  • The last little smile and kiss the girls give me before I tuck them in at bedtime. They do it every night and no matter what kind of day we have had, it’s the smallest gesture that makes it all worth it.
  • Shabbat – We recently started observing Shabbat on Fridays and even though I’m not Jewish (Aaron is). Spending that quality time together, focusing on finding joy and love, and putting all of our energy into this family has enacted the greatest shift of thinking and positive energy into our family.

I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving and encourage you to donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Fund as they fight for their land and right to drinking water.

This post is part of the #TogetherWeMother series – incredibly honest and inspiring stories shared by mothers I know and admire. I hope you’ll take the time to go visit their site and follow along with their journey as well

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