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lucky penny holiday gift guide: for brothers, husbands, dads, and all the other important men in your life |


I always feel like shopping for my husband is the most difficult out of all of the gifts on my list. However, this year, I think I’ve got it in the bag! I kept notes of everything he ever said he liked all year long and think I may very well have the perfect gift. So I’ll cross my fingers and let you know how it goes. Untill then, here are a few other sure to be “winners” for your brothers, husbands, or best friends…I’ve got you covered!

  1. A fancy french press. Or even better, book a sitter for a Sunday morning and take your man out to a coffee and a walk around downtown for a little alone time.
  2. A Hero Session – For the guy who wants to capture every moment.
  3. Brighten up his rainy day with this upgrade from his drug store umbrella that always ends up breaking.
  4. Smart, functional, and beautiful new luggage for his next trip – wether its for business or pleasure.
  5. A cozy sweater that’s so soft you’ll probably end up stealing it.
  6. Rain boots (I think it must have been raining while I put this gift guide together, ha!) that are stylish enough to wear to work.
  7. Tech gloves so he can keep commenting on that Reddit thread he keeps talking to you about even in freezing temps.
  8. Some version of this is always on my list. It’s the perfect luxury for men they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves but will thank you later for it, trust me.
  9. I just bought these for Aaron after my sister told me she got these for her boyfriend and it was a hit all around. 2 thumbs up.
  10. To get him in the mood for the new Season 7 of GOT.
  11. Because let’s be honest, he’s really jealous of your cozy slippers.
  12. New York Times Best Seller for a good reason. This book about the secret life of trees will blow his mind!

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