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Easy & Chic Airport Outfit


Today, the girls and I are off to Mexico! This trip is so needed. It’s always around February when the weather in NYC is freezing and its dark at 4pm and we start to question why we ever moved here. And, since the girls have this week off from school, I knew it was the perfect time to get away.

Since I’m traveling alone with the girls this time, I like to make sure I’m comfortable but still look decent enough to walk into a hotel or head straight to a restaurant after we get off of the plane. A leather jacket is lightweight enough to be comfortable in most temperatures and it keeps me from storing a huge down puffer coat in my suitcase. These sneakers are my new favorite addition. They’re under $100 and kind of go with everything!

I’m also completely in love with my Away carry-on bag. I was honestly amazed the first time I packed it and realized how much it could actually hold. For this trip it fits a weeks worth of my clothes and swimsuits plus my toiletries. I also love having this bag for international flights because it can charge my cell phone or the girls’ iPads!

I hope you guys all have a great weekend! Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see more of our Mexico vacation photos!

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