Friday Love


You guys! It’s the weekend, we are back in NYC, and we don’t have any plans except to all hang out as our little family of four and soak up some much needed downtime. It also seems like winter decided to come back around – womp, womp! What’s on your weekend agenda? Here are few fun links that have been on my mind….

+ I just ordered this book to follow along with the Solly Baby Book Club. Want to read along with us?

+ Need this jumpsuit in my life like right now!

+ Someone was asking where we are traveling to next so here’s a little hint. 😉

+ Shopbop is having a really great sale! So if you’ve been eyeing a new pair of jean shorts or sandals for spring, now is the time folks!

+ Glossier just launched these incredible new blush colors! I’m going to head over to the showroom next week and pick some up. Maybe I’ll do another Instagram stories for you guys while I try them out. Would you like that?

+ Everyone I know is listening to Podcasts these days. I only listen to one and it happens to be my best friend’s so you should go check it out!

+ Rock a Box Baby is an amazing new company that makes giving newborn gifts simple, beautiful, and something new parents will keep for a lifetime.

+ This pretty much moved me to tears.

Have a great weekend!

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