Happy 5th Birthday Edith!


We celebrated this little girl’s 5th birthday yesterday with the most epic unicorn themed birthday party I could pull together (more pics on that coming soon!). I feel like having a 5 year old makes me really old but this age with her is so fun. We can go out all day long without bringing a thing with us and she’s so happy to go out exploring and hang with her mama.

She also likes to try and match my outfits which I’m not going to lie, is my favorite thing in the world. I can always count on Edie to go with me to get her nails done, go to the movies, eat Shake Shack, and be my ice cream date.

Edith wants to be everyone’s best friend. She really has the kindest heart of anyone I know. She loves PJ Masks, Wonder Woman, and pancakes. She likes to play “Mommy” to Lilah and literally carries her around the house like her baby all day long.

Edith also has her first “wiggly” tooth and reminds me about it maybe 5 times a day. She keeps telling me that this is a sign she is “so grown up but she will always be my baby”. She sings the soundtrack to Trolls and Sing to me over and over again and has a littler performance she puts on for each character. If she doesn’t end up being in the performing arts when she’s older I’ll be extremely surprised.

So Happy Birthday to the little girl who first made me a mom and completely stole my heart with her smile. I lover you Edith Mae!



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