And just like that you’re THREE years old. I spent the entire day watching those movies my iPhone creates (why oh WHY is that music so sad!) and crying just thinking about how big you are and how much we’ve done together. But it’s a fact. You’re not really a baby anymore. You’re going to school part-time, you’re potty trained, you have opinions and let us know them, and now you play on the “big kids” playground with confidence.

You started ballet class and as you can tell from this picture, attitude is not something you lack. You really like ballet and ask to wear your tutu all the time. But you also just love running around like a total maniac. You’re so full energy all the time. Its always “go, go, go!” and never “slow, slow, slow”.

You’ve been out of your crib for awhile now and while at the moment you aren’t the best night time sleeper (you keep telling me every hour that you’re having “big dreams”) but you still nap like an angel so we can still be friends.

You know how to eat. You put back food like you’ve never had a meal in your life. Every always comments on how much you eat and I can easily say it’s a chore keeping up with you caloric demands but there are worse problems to have. Your favorite foods are applesauce, salmon, carrots, bananas, and cereal.

You’re so full of life. Your personality draws people in and I can’t help but smile and the house is constantly filled with laughter from your antics. Because you never slow, you’re always into some form of mischief or another but I can never be mad at you for too long. – like when you keeping yelling “DAMMIT!” at the top of your lungs just because you know it makes me laugh and. You just remind me of a big gummy bear that I can’t help but kiss and smile at when I see.

I’m in tears because you’re not a baby anymore but the truth is I’m also so intrigued to see the girl you’re going to grow into this year. I love you Lilah, or “Sissy”, as you prefer to be called.

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