Our Bedtime Routine + Tips For Getting Your Kids To Sleep Better


One of the questions I’m asked most often is how my girls do sharing a room and how we make a small space work. So today I’m sharing what our night time routine looks like and how we’ve established healthy sleep habits for two girls with very different sleep needs.

Talking about our bedtime routine and how we established healthy sleep habits in partnership with Sengled |

sharing a room

Our girls have shared a room since Lilah was 3 months old when we first moved to NYC. This started out of necessity because we never had enough space for them in our room or a third bedroom but it’s now something they both really enjoy and even if we had the space, I think I would still keep them together! Edith was a co-sleeper most of her life until Lilah showed up so I think having her sister in the room helps her feel less alone and safe.

give relaxing sound cues

We try to get home an hour before bedtime so the girls have a chance to calm down and start prepping their bodies for rest. We recently installed Sengled’s Pulse lightbulbs into our floor and table lamps in the living room. With built-in bluetooth speakers, the music plays directly from the lightbulbs! It’s amazing! So I’ll usually put on an audiobook or the Disney Stories playlist so the girls can sit on the couch and listen to while I finish up dishes and clean the living room. This gives them something to do while forcing their bodies to slow down and prepare for the night.

set the mood

Another way I give subtle clues to help them get prepared for sleep is to lower the lighting and diffuse a blend of lavender essential oils. With Sengled’s Element Plus bulbs, I’m able to dim and adjust the light to warmer tones to set an even more calming environment. I read somewhere that blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm (part of the reason Apple put a “night shift” option on your phone to help when you use your phone at night!) so I think the mood lighting really makes a difference.

have a routine

It doesn’t matter where in the world we are, once we go in their room for sleep, it’s always the same. I read two books (one of each girl’s choosing), sing a lullaby, say our special “spell” to help the bad dreams go away, give them each a kiss, turn off the light and close the door. This way, they know exactly what happens next and they know once I get up to turn off the light, the door is closed and it’s time for sleep. I know I keep saying to give them signals or cues but I feel like the more they’re prepared the better.

Help them feel safe & secure

Every kid is different and has different sleep needs. Lilah never liked to sleep with us and does much better if we leave the room quickly. Edith on the other hand really needs that security. Before Lilah came along I used to have to lay next to her on an air mattress in her room until she fell asleep. And my big pregnant belly trying to roll off one of those quietly without waking her up was surely a sight to see! But that’s what worked for us at the time. Now that they have each other, they each pick out a stuffed animal to sleep with and I recently started using Sengled’s Twilight bulb in their table lamp in their room. It’s really helped ease the transition of me leaving the room. Once you turn out the light, it slowly dims for 15 seconds before completely turning off. That way they get a little time with dimmer light before the dark. I think the safer they feel falling asleep, the more likely they are to stay asleep.

Talking about our bedtime routine and how we established healthy sleep habits in partnership with Sengled |

Talking about our bedtime routine and how we established healthy sleep habits in partnership with Sengled |

What have you found to be most effective in helping your kids develop healthy sleep habits? If you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below!

And for a fun video of Sengled’s Twilight bulb in action, head to my Instagram!

This post was sponsored by Sengled. However all opinions and words are 100% my own.

Photography by Laurel Creative.

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