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The Best Workouts In NYC


The Best Workouts in NYC according to Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog |

I’ve found that sweating first thing in the morning is my favorite way to start the day. I feel like I’m taking care of my mind and body, I have significantly more energy throughout the day, and it really helps curb my anxiety and improve my mood. So to piggyback on my tips for practicing self-care post, today I thought I would share with you my favorite workouts here in the city.

The Best Workouts in NYC according to Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog |


I waited almost a full three years before trying SoulCycle. Not going to lie, I was a little intimidated about the kind of “cult following” that the indoor cycling studio had and to be honest, it turned me off a little bit. But when Natalie from Fashion Mamas asked me to host an event with them in the city, I agreed (because I love Natalie and love supporting Fashion Mamas!). Well, that was all it took. I’m officially hooked. There’s great music, a good sweat, and awesome vibes. I’m officially part of the Soul Tribe and couldn’t be happier.


I just gave this one a try for the first time last week and I’m still sore! I may not have been genetically gifted with the height or long limbs of my supermodel counterparts, but I feel like if I just keep coming back here I’ll have the confidence I need to walk the catwalk.


What’s better than dancing to Beyoncé, having a blast, working up a sweat, and getting in a damn good workout at the same time? Nothing. Little known fact: I was on a competitive dance team for about 10 years. So getting to get that feeling back a little feels pretty good. I haven’t lost my moves after all.

The Best Workouts in NYC according to Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog |


I’m not a boxing fan. I always thought to myself, how good of a workout can that really be? But somewhere between the burpees and uppercuts my body was really feeling it. This palce also had the best playlist of anywhere I’ve ever been too. And I was sore for days so I’ll definitely want to add this into the routine every now and then.


A mix between cardio and HIIT, this workout found exclusively at Equinox will leave you out of breath, sore for days, and seeing serious results. You use a mix of weights, step risers, and an ab series to exhaust every single muscle. And unlike tabata, there are no breaks. But it’s only 45 minutes so I know you can do it.  But seriously, don’t plan to go anywhere after this workout besides home.

pop physique

I love a good barre class. Really I do. But truth is I never feel like I’m seeing any results, until I tried this one. This recent west coast transplant opened a few locations in the city and it’s a great option to do on your lunch break or to feel like you’re really able to stretch out your muscles and get leaner.

The Best Workouts in NYC according to Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny Blog |

There you have it! What workouts do you love? Any favorites in the city or online streaming ones that I need to try? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Those leggings are the cutest! All these places sound so amazing. Def bookmarking them for when I come to NYC next! — Also, have you tried Orange Theory? They’ve got a ton of locations + is pretty similar to 30/60/90 – It’s been my jam lately!

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