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Back To School Style With H&M



Getting Edith ready for Kindergarten has been so much fun. One of our favorite parts, was going to H&M and picking out some her favorite things together so that she could feel confident and comfortable during this transition.

We love shopping at H&M because of how affordable they makes back to school shopping. H&M has great prices on stylish basics like leggings and graphic tees and trendier items like a metallic pleated skirt or party dresses. I was so surprised at some of the items she picked out and seeing her style and personality really shine through this year warmed my heart.

Here are my 10 back to school essentials that will take you through winter and can all be mixed and matched!

  1. Bomber Jacket – The new “go-to” jacket and it’s easy to see why. It’s light enough for those first few weeks of fall but will also be great to layer with a hoodie underneath for colder days.
  2. Everyday Dress – One of my favorite items at H&M, these dresses usually come in packs of 2 so you get a little more bang for your buck and Edith never gives me a hard time on days she wears a dress.
  3. Graphic Tee – Edie was drawn to the cute cats and pink but these basics are great because you can wear them with everything. And for $4.99 you can’t beat the price!
  4. Stylish Leggings – Edith hates jeans so leggings are our only pant option. These have cute stars and they’re great for wearing alone with a t-shirt or layered under dresses and skirts.
  5. Sneakers – Most schools ask for closed toed shoes so these sneakers are a no brainer. They go with dresses or pants (and since I have a pair just like it I know she’ll wear it with everything).
  6. Ballet Flats – Of course, there are some days when sneakers just won’t cut it and these basic ballet flats are comfortable, practical, and timeless. She’ll wear them all the time.
  7. Party Dress – I couldn’t walk out of the store without this dress or maybe Edith wouldn’t let me and I was okay with that. It’s just dressy enough to make her feel like a princess but still comfortable to wear to school on special days.
  8. Leather Jacket – Edith actually asked me for this because she sees me wear my leather jacket all the time (it’s the first thing I reach for) and she said she wanted to dress like mama. (Cue heart melting!)
  9. Fun Skirt – I love this skirt because it’s a little edgy and sporty but looks super girly and fun. We’ll throw leggings on underneath when it gets chillier outside and the elastic waist means she’ll get a lot of wear out of it.
  10. Cute Backpack – Can’t talk about back to school shopping without a cute backpack!

Here’s a little video of how we put all of the looks together! Hope you enjoy!

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