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August in Review with Lucky Penny Blog wearing Free People in NYC |

Because it’s the first of the month (I mean, how is it already September?!), I thought I’d pick up an old post style to share with you guys today as my “month in review” for the previous month. It’s just a roundup of my favorites and new things I’m trying or interested in so I hope you like it!

Eating // Way too much Shake Shack

Drinking // Less Coffee (Thanks anxiety…ugh!)

Practicing // Self-care and acceptance of wherever I’m at today

Listening // To this podcast. It’s all about love and sex and it’s pretty interesting! 

Trying // To let go of my ego and comparison in Instagram and focus on doing me! Read more about why I blog and continue my journey blogging here

Playing // Gin Rummy. Instead of TV every night, Aaron and I have been playing cards together every other night and it’s really fun and we end up talking and spending quality time together. I really look forward to it.

Finishing // Our back to school preparations! I’m not ready to have a Kindergartner! 

Reading // My dear friend Hailey’s blog! She recently started posting a lot of helpful articles about growing a following and being authentic. I just adore her voice (and her!). 

Wearing // These jeans all day every day

Cooking // This salmon recipe. It never gets old.

Working // A lot! August was the busiest month for me in the history of this blog! It’s awesome!

Traveling // No where. Staying home and soaking up the empty museums and brunch spots with no lines while I still can. But really looking forward to Charleston and my sister’s wedding in 2 weeks!

Wanting // A really cool pair of booties for fall. Dying for these! And click here to see more of my favorites for fall. 

Photo by Julia Elizabeth

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