A New Season + Life Update


Fall is one of my favorite seasons. You get a break from the hot, sweltering, humidity of Summer and nothing beats the view of the leaves changing in Central Park. It’s also back to school, back to routines, and back to spending more time together.

fall season

August wasn’t exactly the easiest month for us. The girls’ long time daycare closed unexpectedly and we were left with no childcare and broken hearts. Because we don’t have any family close by, these people had really come to feel like family and it’s definitely a sad chapter to close for all of us. I was home with them for the entire month, with Aaron traveling for some of it, and keeping up with this space had to take a back seat to my other priorities.

But now that August and September are out of the way and the girls are back at school, we are finally beginning to find our new rhythm. I’m cooking more, planning our Halloween costumes, and looking forward to drinking hot cocoa at the park while we soak up the last enjoyable days at the playground. I’m putting together a fall checklist of things we love to do to welcome in the new season so that should come out shortly.

I know a lot of you have been checking in with me on Instagram and texts about how my struggle with anxiety is going and I’m happy to report it’s so much better. I completely cut out caffeine and I’ve been talking to professional about where it all stems from and what tools I can use in the moment when I feel my anxiety rising up. Let me know if you guys are interested and I’ll do a post on that more here. But for now, it feels like I’m turning a new leaf on that season of my life and I’m grateful to be in a better place now.

So, check back here often as I’ll be updating this space back on the regular schedule and I’m excited to bring you guys more of the organic that is really important to me!

Photos by Julia Elizabeth.

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  1. Oh you beautiful human..💕 I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I would love to read more posts about anxiety and how you’ve managed it. I think we all need to talk about it more. It can be such an isolating feeling to struggle with it alone. For now, enjoy the crisp air and hot chocolate. 😘

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