Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! Our night started off a little different than we had planned. There was a horrific and tragic terror attack right as we were getting ready to head out for the night to do our trick or treating. Sometimes these things feel so far away and sometimes they hit a little too close to home. Aaron runs along the West Side Highway several times a week and we have so many dear friends who live in the area that I called and texted right away hoping everyone was okay.

I’ll never understand why people do the things they do, but we made the decision to go out in spite of the events. I feel like these events are meant to “terrorize” and scare us. And while they do, I can’t live my life in fear. So we stayed alert and close to home and ended up making the best night out of a horrible night.

Our neighborhood is home to one of the biggest children’s parades in the country on Halloween. The neighborhood really goes all out and some of my neighbors tell me they spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on candy to keep up with the amount of kids that come through and still run out by 7pm.

As a kid of Suburbia, it’ll never seem normal to me to go store to store trick or treating like my kids do. We hit up a few houses but the real candy comes from the pizza store, nail salons, dry cleaners, and bakeries that we frequent every day. It’s actually really sweet to see the community get so involved in making this an awesome holiday for the kids. One real estate agent was giving out cotton candy this year! It basically made their entire night.

My two favorite photos from the whole night. For the first one I told them to do their “Princess Face” and this is what I got. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Lilah with that much hair and I’m pretty terrified of how much Edith loved her eyeliner and “skara” (mascara).

I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday. Stay extra safe New Yorkers.

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