October In Review


October was a real good one folks! The weather finally came around in NYC, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday, and I think we totally nailed Halloween. Here’s a little recap of the rest of my October….

Eating // All of the apples from our trip Upstate.
Drinking // More water…it’s really hard though!
Practicing // Saying “yes” to the kids more (when I can).
Listening // To my gut. I talk about it a little more in this post and I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Trying // Really hard not to eat all of the Halloween candy. Have you heard of the Switch Witch?! I think I’m going to try it next year!
Playing // The National’s new album on repeat.
Finishing // This book (this was obviously my month of reading) and I feel like I need to read it 5 more times. It was so unique and beautiful and really touched my heart.
Reading // My dear friend Erica’s book, Nurture. It’s a must for any new or expecting mama.
Wearing // These new favorite workout pants literally every single day.
Cooking // Everything from this cookbook. It’s my new go-to and the girls love every recipe!
Working // Out! I’m back in the gym after a few months hiatus and even giving BBG a try. Have you done it? Do you like it? Do you have another program you like better? Please tell me!
Traveling // Upstate again. I booked a little weekend cabin getaway for his birthday and we leave tomorrow!
Wanting // This jacket. It’s so fun and I think I would honestly wear it everyday.


Photo by Julia Elizabeth for Lucky Penny.

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