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Okay, next up is my gift guide for kids! Trying to find toys for everyone to enjoy can be a little tricky, especially because kid’s interests and abilities tend to change so quickly. And because I don’t really have the bandwidth this year to break the gift guides down by age, I thought I’d share with you the top twelve toys on my girls holiday wish list. They are almost 4 and 6 so they’re at a great age to enjoy toys that can work for a little younger and have toys to grow in to for the older set.

I figured you already know about the toys people go absolutely crazy for (like Hatchimals, Fingerling Monkeys, and LOL dolls) so I wanted to make a gift guide for kids with some toys your kids will be able to play with for a long time and toys that include a learning element when possible! You can click directly on the images above to be taken straight to the product page or head to the bottom of the post to see more!

  1. I can’t wait to give this snow tube to the girls. I always look forward to snow days when the entire neighborhood heads up for a day of sledding in Prospect Park. I’m hoping that this will be a little easier for me to carry back up the hill than the plastic toboggan sleds the girls are used to. Plus, who doesn’t want to ride a unicorn!?
  2. We’ve been reading the first in this book series every night for the past two weeks and it is hands down my girls favorite book they’ve ever owned. With 100 bedtime stories of 100 influential women throughout history, this book has sparked their imaginations, inspirations, and many nights of meaningful conversations. I think this book is a must have for any little girl (OR BOY!).
  3. A friend had this little ice cream set at the playground one day and my girls played with it for hours. Ice cream is their favorite desert, we live next to an ice cream shop, and I can see myself having lots of fun ordering from my cute ice cream scoopers.
  4. We are always traveling or on the go on the subway so I like keeping a few things that make those trips easier for the girls and this sticker set is perfect for that! Kids can create adorable around-town scenes with this playful activity set featuring large foldouts with illustrations on both sides and more than 100 detailed stickers.
  5. When I saw this vintage style Lite-Brite set I picked it up immediately! I was instantly brought back to my childhood, spending countless hours in our houses basement with my sister creating light up designs. I think I may have more fun with this one than the girls will.
  6. Now that Edith is in Kindergarten, she’s been playing “Teacher and Student” with LIlah when she comes home. She sits Lilah down, puts on her thick Staten Island accent just like her teacher, and starts her lessons. This toy is going to be a favorite in our house for sure!
  7. If you’re anything like me, arts and crafts supplies are taking over every inch of your home. Between the markers, glue, tape, scissors, pipe cleaners….it’s one gigantic mess. I love that this case has over 1,250 pieces and this trunk is perfect for storage or gifting.
  8. I just found these amazing Fort Boards while scouring the internet for a cool, unique toy that my girls will love. My first thought was these blocks that I remember loving from my childhood, but then I realized I had no place to store them in my tiny apartment. That’s why Fort Boards are great. They’re flat for easy storage and make for great open-ended and pretend play that promotes stem learning and develops spatial reasoning, imagination and engineering skills. Plus I don’t have to refold all everything in my linen closet every time the kids want to build a fort.
  9. So apparently, rock painting is the new “geocaching”. This kit comes with 10 rocks and everything else you need to start spreading kindness in your neighborhood. Use the tracking stickers to see where your rock is found. There’s even a hashtag to share your creation with rock painters and finders everywhere!
  10. This magic kit is adorable. A great toy for boys and girls, your budding magician will have hatfuls of fun showing off an impressive array of tricks and illusions with this magic kit featuring over 40 props.
  11. At a playdate a few months ago, Edie’s friend was playing with his Osmo when we arrived. She had so much fun that I’m thinking of investing in this. There are a lot of games that are academically focused for the kids but they’re having so much fun I’m not even sure they know they’re leaving math basics or phonics! I especially love the pizza game.
  12. So we did it. We got the girls their first American Girl Dolls. I remember loving my dolls when I was Edith’s age but I was a little afraid of spending tons of money on a doll for kids this young. Well, to my surprise, we went to the store and they had a new line of dolls that was perfect for the younger set (ages 4-6), the Wellie Wishers. I bought this one and this one for the girls and I think they will be the perfect start to their collection.

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide for kids! I’ve got one more gift guide left in this year’s holiday post but be sure to check out the other gift guides here!

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