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JCPenney Holiday Challenge | A Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List


My Take On The JCPenney #HolidayChallenge And Sharing My Top Picks For the Holiday Season

You guys, the holidays are upon us! We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas so gift shopping is really getting down to the wire. Last week, JCPenney invited me to come check out the #JacquesPenne pop-up in SoHo to see if I could take on the #JCPChallenge for beating my holiday budget while still picking up something for everyone on my holiday shopping list. I was skeptical at first for sure. I went in with $200 and tried to pick up something for my sister, my husband, both of the girls, and my mom.

Lo and behold, I was able to walk out with more while spending less than I had thought! They had everything from hot trending items (like the Hatchimal colleggtibles and cozy blankets) to the must-haves (like a great pair of slippers or a delicious scented candle).

So today, I thought I’d walk you through what I was able to buy and some of my favorite gift recommendations that you’re definitely going to have to pick up!

My Take On The JCPenney #HolidayChallenge And Sharing My Top Picks For the Holiday Season

My Take On The JCPenney #HolidayChallenge And Sharing My Top Picks For the Holiday Season

for kids:

JCPenney had such a great selection of toys for kids of all ages. I had no idea! There’s tons of Disney gear for the princess or Mickey obsessed but there’s also a lot of fun learning toys from parent favorite brands like Melissa & Doug. I picked up this lip gloss making truck because I know it’s going to save my sanity one cold winter day when we can’t go outside. And even though I know I’ll regret this karaoke microphone, Edith is going to be in heaven. If you watch my Stories, you know she’s a total performer.

My Take On The JCPenney #HolidayChallenge And Sharing My Top Picks For the Holiday Season

FOr her:

I mostly went to the Jacques Penne popup to try and pick up some presents for my mom and sister. I bought my mom this cozy blanket and a yummy room diffuser. For my sister, I picked up a few different makeup palettes and this super cute on trend silver charging clutch, perfect for late nights out. I even picked up these amazing shoes from Libby Edelman for all of my holiday party outfits because they were under $25!! You just can’t beat that affordable price for such a contemporary and on trend style!

My Take On The JCPenney #HolidayChallenge And Sharing My Top Picks For the Holiday Season

for Him:

I was able to get a few gifts for my husband and his Dad during my trip. This record player is a great gift for music lovers and these slippers will be a big hit with any man on your list! I also picked up a few pairs of these Slim Fit Dockers because Aaron wears them year round and they look great too!

So if you’re like me and still waiting to the last minute to check off all the items on your holiday shopping list, try taking the #JCPChallenge and get all you want for less than you think! And if you can’t make it into a store near you, be sure to check out the perfectly curated Jacques Penne for a showcase of all the hottest items for every one on your list.

This post was sponsored by JCPenney. All words and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lucky Penny.

Photos by Julia Elizabeth for Lucky Penny.

2 comments on “JCPenney Holiday Challenge | A Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List”

  1. This is your 10th sponsored or linked shopping post in a row, and I have to say that as a reader, it’s extremely dull and uninspiring. There’s no actual content here, just plugs for people to buy products over and over again, without any meaningful conversation or attempt to engage with your audience.

    The brands you ask readers to support don’t even seem like a sensisble match for the image you often project as an “influencer”. You’ve linked to both an $1800 Chloe bag,, $400 shoes, and regularly shop at Madewell, but truly expect people to think that you would go out of your way to shop at JC Penny had they not paid to partner with you?

    I understand that this is how influencers make a living, but please try to integrate some more natural content.

    1. Hi Alexis –

      I’m sorry you didn’t like this post. I partnered with JCPenney before a few months ago, and after I was reintroduced to the brand, I was totally surprised at how much stuff they had that I would indeed buy regularly so I was excited to partner with them again and show my readers what I had learned. The holidays do tend to be my busiest time for shopping and sponsored posts though so I get it. I had a million other post ideas I wanted to get up but between deadlines and finding balance with my family it just didn’t happen the way I wanted this year. After all, this is just a one woman show. I do have two posts going up today and tomorrow that are not shopping or sponsored so I do hope you’ll check those out. I appreciate your feedback though!

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