What to Pack For A Week Long Ski Trip | Jackson, WY


I’m so excited to tell you guys that this time next week, I’ll be landing in Jackson, Wyoming and I cannot wait to explore everything that Jackson has to offer. One of the biggest highlights of the trip will definitely be skiing. I haven’t been since I was 7 or 8 years old so I may come back a bit black and blue and ego bruised but I’m going to give it my best shot. Best of all, I’ll have my sister along with me so we can at least laugh at ourselves all the way down the hill.

I am also used to cold weather but I had to get prepared for a whole new environment. I’m going to rent my skiis and boots because I’m not sure when the next time I’ll hit the slopes will be, but I did invest in the rest of my own ski gear. So today, I wanted to share with you what I’m packing for my trip!


First things first, I knew I was going to need a great set of base layers. I love this pair from Sweaty Betty because I can see myself wearing it on and off the slopes. I also picked up a proper pair of ski gloves. And here’s a little tip…if you have smaller hands like I do, head to the kid’s section! I bought mine in an XL and saved myself about $50! And you definitely don’t want to forget your sunscreen. The sun reflects off the snow and you don’t want to come home at the end of the day with a sore butt and a major sunburn. Supergoop! is my go-to brand that stays on great even if I sweat a bit.



After a long day of skiing, it’s time to hit the lodge for some hot chocolate and a warm dinner. You’ve earned it after all! For this trip, I’m packing cute sweaters, cozy coats, and warm but stylish boots. A fuzzy coat like this is perfect for staying warm and blending in to the snowy mountain backdrop.



Okay, let’s be honest. This is a kid-free week alone in the beautiful snowy mountains so I plan to lounge a lot of the time in my hotel, order room service, sleep-in, and come home from dinner early to catch up on this season of the Bachelor. I’m packing plenty of sweatpants, cozy cardigans, and the perfect pair of slippers.

Well, there you have it! I’ll be posting a ton from the ski trip and sharing my daily outfits with you on my Instagram as well so be sure you’re following along.

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  1. You girls have fun. Thought about you both yesterday on the anniversary of your dad’s death. For me its a day to smile, feel happy and sad all at the same time. He gave all of us many wonderful memories – that is why he is missed so much. Enjoy your trip and I’ll be waiting on pictures.


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