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100 Days of Sunshine with Cuties | Ana Fritsch of Lucky Penny |

I was pregnant during the Winter with both of my girls and my number one go to snack and craving were Cuties! They were healthy, easy to bring along in my purse when I needed a little pick-me-up, and easy to share with Edie when I was pregnant with Lilah. Now, they’re a big hit with the entire family.

This year, to coincide with Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 16th, Cuties has asked me to share a few ways I’m bringing 100 Days Of Sunshine to my local community in hopes it will inspire you to spread kindness in your own way.

  1. After watching this viral video, we’ve been inspired to try and do the same when we see someone in need. Sometimes in our busy lives we get caught up in thinking that what we are doing is so important we can’t take the time to help out those members of our community that find themselves in hard times. Taking a few minutes to ask what someone needs and sending it their way can make a drastic impact in someone’s day. Edith has also asked us to pack an extra snack in case she sees any neighbors who might be hungry (hint: Cuties are great snacks to pack on the go!).
  2. Visit a nursing home. It’s my goal to visit a local nursing home once a month (though I’d love to go more). For the last two years of my Father’s life he was in a nursing home and I saw firsthand the impact that a visiting family can have on the entire community. People who the nurses said never leave their rooms or smile, light up when a few children come into the building. Have your kids write a note of kindness on a Cutie to bring to each of their new friends. It’ll be a great conversation starter and help the kids break away from their shyness to meet new people.
  3. Make a Cuties wreath to give to community workers who you really appreciate like teachers, fireman, crossing guard, school janitor, or the friendly guys at your local bagel shop who put up with your screaming kids every morning.
  4. Leave a Cutie in your mailbox as a surprise for your mail courier! Especially on a cold snowy day, they’ll love the little bit of sunshine.
  5. Make a meal for a new mom. I always like to bring a big basket full of muffins and a fresh fruit salad (my favorite recipe is adding Cuties, raspberries, green grapes, pear, and blueberries mixed with a little bit of lemon, honey, and mint)  along with a dinner so they have easy and healthy snacks to eat throughout the day.

I’d love to hear your ideas on easy ways you and the whole family can spread kindness and joy throughout the year.

This post was sponsored by Cuties. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

Photography by Carter Fish for Lucky Penny. 

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