Spring Break | Keeping Your Kids Engaged With Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet


This year Spring Break vacation was a big one for us. We decided instead of taking a few smaller trips throughout the year, we wanted to take one really big amazing family trip for 9 days. We started our journey in London and then packed up and went to Marrakech for a few days. It was honestly one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I know the girls will remember this for a lifetime.

My one concern was how much everyone was going to be effected by being off of their routines for so long. I’m not really a rigid schedule mom, more like go with the flow, but once your kids are in school  with homework and after-school programs, it’s hard not to fall into a daily routine. I’ve noticed that Edith really thrives knowing what is coming up in her schedule and staying challenged intellectually. That’s where our Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet came in handy. I’ve talked about this tablet a few times (here and here) and it’s still one of my favorite products for the kids.

Spring Break Tips For Kids with Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet |

As part of my packing routine for any trip, I prepare each of the girls’ Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets with educational games, a few of their favorite television shows or movies, and a few of Edith’s school reading books thanks to the 1 year subscription of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited the tablet comes with. No need to worry about those  in-app purchases or having to fork over the cost of a week’s worth of groceries for your kid’s favorite Disney apps since the Amazon FreeTime covers over 15,000 of your kid’s favorites apps, books, and games. For this trip I found a great travel guide app for London so her and I were able to look it over and pick out things that she wanted to see during our stay.

I also brought her tablet along during the day while we were out and about. It was super helpful when we wanted to browse the web and find out more of the history of the building we were standing in front of, the history of London Bridge, or when we could witness the changing of the Queen’s guards.

Spring Break Tips For Kids with Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet |

Spring Break Tips For Kids with Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet |

One of my favorite features of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is the Parent Dashboard. I’m able to control to the minute, how much of each type of content she has access too. For example, before we head out for the day, I put her game control on 0 minutes because I wanted her focused on being present with us and in the moment. But,  let’s say we stopped at a coffee shop and I wanted a 10 minute break with quiet for my husband and I, I’m able to change the parental controls and let her have a few minutes on her games. The Parent Dashboard also provides me with a recap of her daily activities on the tablet and Discussion Cards to help me engage her in the books she read.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet really is the best travel accessory we own. The case it comes with is super durable and makes it easy to grip for little hands – plus there is a 2 year worry-free guarantee should it stop working for any reason.

I’d love to know how you keep your kids engaged and on track during long school breaks? A family book club? Daily worksheets? Mini home school schedule? Or do you just throw it all to the wind and hang out?

This post was sponsored by Amazon. All words, thoughts, and opinions are 100% my own. This is a product we really use in our home and love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lucky Penny! 

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