Charleston: Part Two


I love Charleston because there are so many things to do with the girls. I am disappointed at the lack of playgrounds Downtown, but unless you go in the fall or winter, it really is too hot to play outside most of the day. Luckily, there are several great alternatives.

Charleston has a great aquarium in central Downtown. They have an albino alligator, 4-D theater, interactive petting stations throughout, and lemurs! It is also right next to Fort Sumter, which we did not go to this trip but it could make for a great full-day outing.


The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry was the girl’s favorite activity. There are five or so rooms with a different theme that kept the girls entertained the entire day. This room above was filled with golf balls to experiment with gravity and inertia.


The museum even had it’s own Publix inside – fully equipped with shopping carts, a freezer section, and a working cash register (seriously, the scanner worked with real prices)! This was Edith’s favorite room. We racked up a $325 grocery bill!



On Saturdays, during the months of April-November, Charleston has a great farmer’s market. There is live music, several food trucks, and lots of yummy food to buy and bring back to the house to cook. If you go in the summer, go first thing in the morning (they open at 8:00) to avoid the heat. This is the only picture I have because we were literally melting at 11:00 and could only stay for 20 minutes.

farmersmarketLastly, my mom lives next to the horse stables that offer carriage rides. Every morning, the first thing we do is walk down to see the horses. Edith has become quite fond of this particular horse, Big John. He is the nicest horse we have ever met and the staff are so sweet to let us in all the time. There are also two chickens, Monica and Chandler, that live at one of the barns. It is always fun to go looking for them. We did end up taking a 1 hour basic tour with Big John, per Edith’s request, and I would say to hold off until they are maybe 5 years old. Edith was mostly entertained by the snacks I brought and her love for Big John but she started to get pretty antsy 40 minutes in. Also, if you do take a tour, go first thing in the morning so it is not so hot.






Charleston: Part One


charleston1We are finally home and done traveling, for now! We spent a full two weeks in Downtown Charleston with my Mom and we had the best time. It is easily one of my favorite cities in America and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun family vacation or a romantic getaway for just the grown-ups.


charleston3I love waking up and walking down to Black Tap coffee for one of their lavender lattes or an iced coffee. It’s right off King Street so you can walk back down and do a little shopping at some really great local boutiques (Hampden Clothing, Luna, and Sapphire Boutique are some of my favorites) or big name stores like Forever 21, Madewell, and Urban Outfitters.

charleston4Taco Boy is my favorite place to grab some great Mexican food. They have a beautiful outdoor patio and are super kid-friendly.

charleston5Shepard Fairey grew up in Charleston so you can catch a few of his murals around the city, like this one outisde of Butcher & Bee.



charleston7I recommend staying downtown. There are so many great hotel options but I would suggest getting an Airbnb. It is my favorite way to travel with children because of the convenience (more rooms, a kitchen, etc..) but there are so many beautiful homes here with great charm that you really get to feel like a local.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some of my favorite things to do with kids. The city has a surprising amount of kid-friendly activities that are a lot of fun for the whole family.







Friday Links on a Thursday



Hi friends! We had a little hiccup traveling back to Brooklyn yesterday when our flight was cancelled, so we are finally on our way back this morning. And just to make things a little more interesting, I am leaving on another flight tonight to visit my sister in Florida and have my first solo weekend away from the kids and hubby in 3 years!!! I have no plans other than sleep in and lay on the beach all day and that is why you are getting Friday links on a Thursday.

An interesting thought…

For all the other pale girls out there

Your perfect summer date night dress is an extra 30% off

Excited to read this book on my vacation

Why Dads need paternity leave

Working on a fun collaboration with this awesome travel company

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

(PS – my dress can be found here



Sullivan’s Island


sullivans1My sister just moved to Sullivan’s Island so the girls and I decided to spend our first few days in South Carolina with her at the beach. I had never been to Sullivan’s before and now I’m totally in love. It is an adorable beach town with a small downtown and all the locals drive golf carts. We only went to the beach once because it was just too hot this trip and keeping my fair skinned girls safe in the sun is exhausting.


sullivans3Most of our time was spent in a kiddie pool cooling off on the porch or taking turns on the swing.

This picture was blurry but I love it because it shows how much Edie loves her little sister. She is always chasing her around trying to kiss her or give her a hug. It warms my mama heart.

I really don’t have many pictures of the girls to share of our time at Sullivan’s because they were naked the entire time trying to keep cool so this selfie on the swing will have to do : )

We loved grabbing gelato at Beardcat’s Sweet Shop. It is all small batch,  made from locally sourced ingredients and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly. We also ate at the famous Poe’s Tavern which was really easy with the kids. If you go for the weekend, be prepared for at least a 45 minute wait at any restaurant (even at 5:00). My sister also recommends The Obstinate Daughter, Taco Mamacita, and HomeTeam BBQ.

We are traveling back to New York tomorrow and we are all pretty excited. Life in a smaller city has some advantages but I love that we have all grown to love calling New York home.





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Father’s Day


aaron&girlsLook at this guy! He’s SuperDad! From day one, he has been an equal partner in this whole parenting gig we got our selves into and I feel so fortunate to grow as a parent alongside him. Whether he is waking up at 5:45 am with Lilah so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep or creating a story crazy enough to keep up with Edith’s wild imagination, he is always going the extra mile to make sure all three of his girls are happy. We sure are lucky to have him.

fathersday2We are really bad about making reservations so we headed to Saint Alban, a really cute coffee shop that has some lighter fare, hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded. We lucked out and enjoyed a great lunch without having any wait!


fathersday4Oh, and Lilah fell asleep in my arms for the first time in maybe 6 months. Brunching is hard work! I couldn’t feel my arm for a good 40 minutes but I soaked up every second I could of this sweet sleepy face.

dressThis dress by Reformation is going to be my favorite summer staple.

jenisAfterwards we headed to Jeni’s ice cream for some sweet treats and then headed home.

tentWe love you Aaron! Thanks for being the silliest and best dad around!