4 Years


the fritsch family • charleston, SC from Paperback Weddings on Vimeo.

We have a tradition that every year on our anniversary we watch our wedding video and cry like babies. Each year we have been in a different house, had a different job, and added another person to our family. Our marriage isn’t perfect. We have thrown around the word “divorce” more times than I’m proud to admit. We’ve gone to bed in tears not sure how we were going to make this work. But, every morning we make the choice to choose each other.

I look at all that we have accomplished and created together these past four years and can’t imagine having anyone else by my side through it all. I love this man more than I ever thought I could have as we stood in front of our friends and family that day, reciting our vows, sharing our love. He has given me the two greatest gifts in the world and works harder than anyone I know to see that we are all cared for and happy.

I am so grateful to have this video so I can remember every single detail of one of the best days of my life because, more than pictures, it brings me back every time. To stay “in love” is hard work. And there is no other person worth working for than him. Happy Anniversary ‘Sill’. I love you.

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Design & Style / New York

Mornings in Prospect Park



The other week, I headed out one morning with the girls to check out all of the gorgeous leaves that have been falling in Prospect Park. We are just three blocks away so we picked up bagels to eat along the way and headed out to go exploring. Our friend Molly tagged along to take some pictures.


Lilah has to bring a stuffed animal along with her wherever we go. On this day, her favorite bunny, Bao Bao, was in the laundry so Missy Mouse came along. Edith never liked stuffed animals so it is really sweet to see how attached Lilah can get to them.


Is there really anything better than throwing a bunch of crisp leaves the air and running through them? We may have gotten into a leaf throwing fight to practice for all of the snowball fights we hope to have this winter!




Fall is also one of my favorite times of the year for dressing up the girls, and myself. The colors, the textures, the layering… Give me a bonnet and ribbed knitted tights and I’m happy!

You can see more pictures from our little park adventure over on Little Peanut Magazine’s blog and a big thanks to Caramel Baby & Child for the gorgeous clothes.

(My outfit is from Madewell and Lilah’s bonnet is from the amazing Briar Handmade)

Life / Travel

My Best Friend’s Wedding



This weekend I flew with my family to my hometown in Florida to be a bridesmaid in my best friend Kelly’s wedding. I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids and Edith was one of the four flower girls. It was such a surreal experience to see someone I have known for 15 years get married. Finding a good friend is hard and keeping up those friendships, especially when there is distance between them, can make it even harder, so I truly cherish this relationship.


Edith was so excited to be a flower girl. For months and months we talked about it, watched youtube videos, and even practiced what she would do on the big day. Of course, as soon as she got to the chairs she froze and started crying. I tried to wave to her to and convince her to come down but ended up having to run down and get her. Luckily, Kelly said it was the best part so I’m glad we could provide the funny moment they can laugh about for years to come.




She was seriously the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Every single detail of her wedding was gorgeous – the flowers, the table decor, and the guest book. But my favorite part was their vows. There was so much love and honesty that really made me think back to my vows and how I can try and do a better job of living up to those daily.




Thank you so much Kelly for letting us be a part of your special day.


(Edie’s dress is Tutu Du Monde & Lilah’s dress is Stella McCartney Kids c/o Cloudo Kids)



At Home With Kitchensurfing



The other night we had our second meal with Kitchensurfing. Our chef, Chris, came in and Edith welcomed him in with all sorts of questions about why a chef was in our house, what he was cooking, why he was so tall : ) She pulled up her highchair and watched him get to work.


Just then, Daddy came home and all the girls were happy as could be. It was such a nice change to actually be involved in pre-dinner playtime. Usually I’m stuck in the kitchen watching everyone else have all the fun. This time, I was right in the middle of it and we had a good 30 minutes of puzzles, tickle pile-ups and couch jumping to really work up an appetite.


Dinner was delicious. Pork chops are definitely the way to Aaron’s heart and this Irish girl can never get enough potatoes. We only got two servings – the girls shared off my plate. They are much bigger servings compared to other food providers we have tried in the past and there was definitely more than enough to go around. I have also been really happy with the selection of menu options – I’ve seen black pepper steak, moroccan chicken, fish tacos, veggie pasta…All look so good!


A happy family getting ready to enjoy their meal! Oh, and the best part, no dishes! That’s right! Chris cleaned up everything and I got to relax for the first time after dinner while Aaron tackled bath time. Thanks Kitchensurfing!

If you’re in the NYC area or Park Slope, Brooklyn you can try out your first meal here by clicking this link! Enjoy!


Happy Halloween!





Happy Halloween from Neverland! My entire life I have strongly disliked Halloween but this year, I decided we were going to embrace it and give it 100% and we ended up having the best time (despite how sad my Tinkerbell and Wendy look). Any ideas of what we should be next year? I’m thinking Wizard of Oz or maybe Alice in Wonderland…