Happy Halloween!





Happy Halloween from Neverland! My entire life I have strongly disliked Halloween but this year, I decided we were going to embrace it and give it 100% and we ended up having the best time (despite how sad my Tinkerbell and Wendy look). Any ideas of what we should be next year? I’m thinking Wizard of Oz or maybe Alice in Wonderland…



Papa Has A Birthday!



On Sunday, this handsome fellow celebrated his 31st birthday! We pulled out all the stops to make sure he had the best day ever, starting out with his favorite bagel in bed and finishing up with Dim Sum in Chinatown. We sure do love this guy!


I mean, look at him! He does it all and is the greatest partner I could ask for in this parenting gig.


When we first got to Dim Sum Lilah looked really excited…


and then more suspicious than excited once the food came out…


Happy Birthday Papa! I can’t wait to see what 31 has in store for you.



Around Here Lately…



Hi! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’ve been so busy with a few exciting projects that are in the pipeline so, in the meantime, here are a few iPhone snaps of life around here lately…

Both girls had visits to a doctor’s office recently. Edith went back for her second dentist visit and when you get to watch Princess Sofia, have a dentist that sings, and get to chose your own tiara at the end, it isn’t so bad : ) Lilah had a late night trip to urgent care when we discovered a weird rash all over her body. Luckily it was a quick 24 hour virus and not chicken pox! Also, I didn’t know kids don’t get that anymore! So weird…

Lilah has developed the funniest sense of humor lately. She is learning a few more words and picking up on what makes us laugh. Like in the photo where she would make a funny face and then quickly pop the raspberry in her mouth, or put them on her fingertips and make a raspberry hand.

These two have been the best of friends lately. The other morning I walked out of my room to find Lilah in Edie’s lap with her favorite book and Edie was “reading” it to her. When she realized I was there Edith turned to look at me said, “See Mama! I’m teaching her how to speak!” And then my mama heart burst into a million pieces.

Our friends from California came to visit this weekend. Edith has known this little boy since he was 3 weeks old and they have been best friends ever since. When they saw each other it was like no time had passed at all. We started the morning with breakfast at Bubby’s, walked to our favorite SoHo playground, and finished up with cookie shots at Dominique Ansel’s bakery.

And also, a picture of the mamas because play dates aren’t just for the kids! This lady right here is my tribe. We have been through all the ups and downs of motherhood together and getting to see where we were both at today, with two little ones, was so amazing. I’m lucky to have her!


Life / New York

Apple Picking At Wightman’s Farm


Sorry for the long absence over here! I feel like everything has been “go go go” and non-stop around here lately which has me feeling stretched a little thin. Luckily, my mom came to town this weekend and we decided to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head upstate to go apple picking.

Well, Google Maps took us all over the freaking place and what was supposed to be only an hour drive turned out to be three hours and when we were finally 15 miles away, every road that lead to the place was under construction and closed. So, we turned back around and headed to a completely different farm in New Jersey called Wightman’s Farms.

My ideas about the whole day were completely turned upside down. Everyone was cranky from lack of naps and a decent meal and being stuck in a carseat all day but we made the best of it and came home with a whole lot of apples and donuts!

We were given these red bags to fill up and the girls went crazy trying to pick as many as they could!

Luckily for us, eating apples while picking was encouraged : )

Getting some help from Daddy to reach the really high ones!

What I loved about this trip was realizing how much I need to get out of the city every so often! It felt so good to be out in the fresh air and seeing the rolling hills with trees that go on as far as I could see. There were daydreams about our house with a sprawling backyard that sits right in front of the woods where the girls could run, climb trees, and where we would have our friends over in the summer for BBQs. Of course it didn’t take long for me to be itching to get back to our little apartment in the greatest city in the world. But, it did feel nice to be out if even only for the afternoon and think about a life that could be.

(Girls dresses c/o Mabo)






Well, it officially feels like fall here in NYC and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday morning temperatures were in the 50’s! It means I can finally buy some mini pumpkins, wear cozy knits, drink hot chocolate, collect falling leaves and sit at the park eating apple cider donuts from the farmers market. Here are your weekly links and have a great weekend!

One million individual donations!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (more on that late).

We switched Edie’s school this year and this article explains a lot of the reason why.

Making me laugh this rainy morning.

An exit with grace.

Not all eye creams are created equal. I just found this one and after one use I see a difference!

See you Monday!