Have A Great Weekend!


nydjHooray for Friday! This week flew by. The highlight was definitely yesterday. I spent the morning with NYDJ and HeyMama for the loveliest breakfast. I talked with some really incredible and inspiring women. It was so fun to hear about all of these exciting and creative ventures they are working on. What are you guys up to this weekend? Aaron is out of town so I’ll be mostly hanging at home with the girls and try to get a jump start on my late summer “spring cleaning”. Yikes.

Here are a few things from the web that caught my eye:

If I could go back in time, I’d buy my wedding dress from this pretty lady

I missed out on this coat last year and I will not let it escape me for this winter!

Keeping dinner simple but delicious while Aaron is away.

A really interesting read.

Not sure how this time of year has already come around but this candidate has me pretty excited.

This lovely Brooklyn brand needs to find a place in my home!

Have a lovely weekend!

(Here is where you can find my dress and my shoes, that are now on sale!)

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Golden Hour On Sullivan’s


08_15_2015_goldenhour6This past year my older sister moved to Sullivan’s Island and it has changed everything! We have been coming to Charleston to visit family for years but had never ventured far from downtown. Because this was such a quick visit we only had a few hours to spare, but they turned out to be some of the best hours of my life.

08_15_2015_goldenhour4After spending the day with my Dad for his 80th (!!) birthday, we headed over to Sullivan’s around 6:30pm. They allow dogs on the beach after 6 o’clock, so it was the perfect time to go with my sister’s new puppy, Finn. Walking down the boardwalk we kept our eye out for butterflies and crabs.



Edith loves to stand where the waves crash and feel her feet sink into the sand as the water washes away. And those curls….

I grew up in a beach town so I have always felt a deep connection to the ocean. There’s something to be said about feeling the ocean breeze on your face, tasting the dried salt on your skin as you get out of the water, listening to the waves crash on the shore. Its just good for the soul. Watching Edith feel that connection, stare in awe, and take in the beauty around her with her child-like wonderment made me feel so proud, so grateful to be sharing that moment with her.


08_15_2015_goldenhour5Edith has no fear of the ocean. She would keep walking all the way in if I wasn’t right beside her. It terrifies me and amazes me at the same time that this little girl has no qualms taking on something so vast.


08_15_2015_goldenhour10After about an hour, Edith decided to take off all of her clothes, kneel in the shallows, and feel the waves crash all over her. It was as if her clothes were keeping her from being truly a part of the experience and I just kept thinking what I wouldn’t give to be that young again – to not have a care in the world, to take no notice to anything else going on around me, to just do what felt entirely natural and good.

I carried her off of the beach, we washed up at my sister’s, and headed back out for Mexican food. It was truly the perfect night. I’ll remember that sunset, the color of her hair in the golden glow, the sound of her laugh, the way she squeezed my hand tighter as a wave was just about to crash on us, and the look on her face when she would turn to look back for me so I would know how happy she was for the rest of my life.








Coming Home


planeThis morning, Edie and I are on our way back home to Brooklyn. Leaving Charleston is always hard. It is the only place we go that I think, “Oh, I could live here instead of Brooklyn”. Maybe in another life. Until then, I’ll enjoy walking to my favorite bagel shop in the morning and dropping the girls off at their preschools that reside on quintessentially Brooklyn tree-lined streets.

And I can’t wait to snuggle my little Lilah and Chilli! I’ve missed those two little babies so much! I have a ton of pictures to edit that I can’t wait to share with you. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!



Weekends In The Neighborhood


parkslopeI hope everyone had a good weekend! We just hung out in our ‘hood, eating outside and visiting all our favorite playgrounds. I’m still getting used to the lack of spontaneity that owning a dog has brought us. We are definitely the type of family that at 3pm thinks, “Oh! Let’s head down to the Seaport!” but when we go through 3 different Uber drivers that won’t take us because of the dog we get a little bummed and decide to head to Prospect Park instead. But, the upside is now we know to plan ahead and use the local car service instead (sorry, Uber).

lilahparkAfter hanging at the park all day, we walked down to Swan Dive. It is this great outdoor pop-up space in Gowanus with delicious BBQ. It is family and dog friendly. We shared a table with this other family from Carroll Gardens. Edie ended up playing with their son so Aaron and I were able to actually eat our food while it was still hot.



swandiveOh, we took Chilli to get a bath at this great DIY dog groomers and watching Edie “help” was the sweetest thing. I love how much responsibility she has started to take on with Chilli. She is even joining me in Chilli’s second class with the dog trainer this afternoon! We are practicing walking on a leash so we don’t look like the crazy family taking up the entire sidewalk with a rambunctious dog, stroller, and scooter!

dogWhat did you all do this weekend?






Friday with Lilah


lilahflowersHappy Friday! I’m not entirely sure what our plans are for the weekend. Having a puppy should make us plan ahead, but I think for now we are just surviving, so to speak, and staying close to home and trying to figure out the best “dog-friendly” activities with kids close to home. I have a dog trainer coming today and I am really looking forward to working with her because I have no clue what I’m doing! How is it that much different to raise puppies instead of babies?

I’m also not going to do the normal “weekly link” post because, lets be honest, I haven’t had time to read anything this week. And, I saw this picture of Lilah on my phone and knew I wanted to save it, share it, and celebrate how big she is getting! She is my little explorer, totally unafraid of anything life throws at her. If she falls down and gets a big bloody scrape on her knee, she gets right back up. If she’s running to look at something new, she doesn’t even glance back to see where I am. She is mischievous too. If I suddenly realize the house is too quiet, I know it is because she somehow found the secret stash of cookies and has eaten almost half the bag and when discovered, runs away hysterically laughing. She is also the only one in the house who Chilli hasn’t nipped at yet so there’s that!

Have a great weekend!

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