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The Chaos


familyoffive2 familyoffive1I’m not really sure what I have gotten myself into. Take tonight for example: I made an awesome steak (I didn’t overcook it for the first time EVER), everyone was actually eating said steak and vegetables, and then the dog has to go out. So I try and throw shoes on everyone as fast as I can and then when I get the leash Chilli has peed in the house. So we trot downstairs anyway for a few minutes to try and reassure her that the patch of grass outside our house is where we go potty, not the bathmat. But she doesn’t pee so we come upstairs and everyone decides they have had enough to eat and my perfect steak is left with no one to enjoy it. Or last night, when all Aaron and I wanted to do was eat a bowl of Cheerios in bed but Chilli kept barking so Aaron was forced to eat his Cheerios in the dark kitchen. I’ve definitely lost 5 pounds taking the dog out all day while Chilli has gained 5 pounds since we brought her home.

In all of the craziness I have this thought, “Why is it when things finally start getting easy, Aaron and I go and make it harder all over again”.  Then I see pictures like this of my whole family – chaos and all – I know its because it just feels right. The never-ending motion, the repeating “did you remember the ___” 30 times a day, the never slowing down…I know I’m going to look back on these days when my house is calm because the kids are all out for soccer practice or dance recitals and Chilli will be older and tired and Aaron and I will miss the loud, crazy mayhem that these past few years have been. Or at least that is what I’m going to tell myself everyday until we are on the other side of this ; )





This weekend, Edith and I met up with our friends Nicki and Cami to check out the opening of the new Hazel Village shop. Their stuffed animals are seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen and have been a long time favorite of mine when I’m thinking of a gift for a new baby.


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How much for those two cuties in the window?? ; )


Afterwards, we walked down to Whole Foods to grab dinner. Let me tell you, the Brooklyn Whole Foods is a parents dinner time dream. The food is delicious, it is super casual, but the best part is the indoor play area next to the seating. Basically Nicki and I were able to sit, eat all of our food, and catch up for a good 45 minutes of uninterrupted adult time. It was heaven! There was also a jazz quartet playing with the sun setting in the background and it was one of those nights where you realize how happy you are to be living in such an amazing city.



Design & Style




Aaron has been in Paris since Sunday and I’m alone with the girls. I miss him so much and find it hard to fall asleep when he isn’t here. So, I spend my nights pinning away, thinking about my dream home and what it would look like. Based on my pins it just seems to be an all white house with gorgeous wood floors and hints of pink. I think Aaron is a guy who can learn to love a lot of pink 😉 Anyways, that is the reason for my radio silence over here on the blog. I would say things will be back to normal because he comes home tonight but it is only for a few days until he leaves us again on Saturday. Anyone up to babysit for free because Mama needs a break!

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“But I’m a Big Girl Now…”


edithOn Wednesday I picked up Edith from summer camp and we headed over to the park to swing by ourselves for a little bit before we had to pick up Lilah. Edith patiently waited her turn, taking that time to tell me all about her day and how she ate most all of her lunch but didn’t like the meatballs and how Jack is her new best friend and how her least favorite part of the day was having to leave camp, until finally it was her turn to swing. She climbed right up and I started to push her and when she really got going I said, “Bug! You are swinging so high!”, to which she replied, “But I’m not Bug, I’m Edith!”. She laughed and I told her, “But I have always called you bug since you were a baby”. She kept on laughing and said, “But I’m not a baby Mama, I’m a big girl. I’m Edith.”

So we played the “But you’re my bug!”, “No, I’m a big girl” game until we couldn’t laugh anymore. But lets be honest, I may have actually shed a few tears. Here she was, my three-year-old, on the big girl swing having this conversation with me and I wanted to freeze time, just for a little while. Just for enough time to really soak her in because at this moment I could feel her growing and feel the time actually speeding up. This past year went by faster than I could have ever imagined and sometimes it is so easy for me to find myself wishing they were older and able to do things by themselves more, to be more independent of me. But this day on the swings I wanted her to want and need me. I wanted to count every little freckle on her face and memorize their exact position. I wanted to carry her the whole way home just to let her know she still is my little baby.

After a few minutes, the swing next to her opened up so I sat down and we started swinging together. We were talking about random things until she looked at me and said, “See Mama, we are swinging together! We are best friends forever, right?”

Yes Bug, we are always best friends and you’re always my baby.



Around Here Lately


We have been taking full advantage of summer – eating most of our dinners at the park, spending all day outside, always finding something new that this city has to offer. And since it is raining and miserable outside, here are a few pictures from my camera roll of sunnier days.


Lilah’s new favorite hiding spot…

iphone2Taking a smoothie break after the park

iphone3Edith went roller skating with Aaron at the LeFrak Center this past weekend. It was a complete disaster and the funniest thing I’ve watched in years. She had a blast!


An oldie that Aaron had sent me while I was on vacation in Florida. She had insisted on wearing her tutu the entire time I was gone.

iphone5I’ve been keeping dinners simple and light. This night we had oven baked chicken, edamame hummus with pita, avocado, glazed carrots and peaches.

iphone6Snacking away on a bagel. My little Brooklyn babe.