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This past Sunday and Monday, ShopUp came to town! Put on by Babyccino Kids, ShopUp is an event that brings some of the best independent children’s stores together under one roof. There was also a free babysitting area with tons of adorable crafts and activities to keep the little ones entertained while you browse the shops. Neapolitan pizza, Sigmund’s pretzels, Kitchensurfing, and Blue Marble ice cream were also on standby to satisfy any hunger craving you may have.


I was able to go solo on Sunday to pick up a few goodies for the girls and then Edie and I went back together on Monday. We went a little early for a hosted breakfast before they opened for the day. It was so nice to be able to spend a little more time at each booth, talking to the owners and designers of these amazing brands and shops to hear all about how the line comes together. I also loved catching up with the ladies at Passported, who sponsored an amazing giveaway trip to St. Lucia!



What I loved most was how we were supporting small, local businesses. These women could tell you the entire production line from who made the product and where their materials were from, to how it is packaged and sent to you. All of the shop owners were so inspiring and it was a pleasure to meet them all.

Thanks for having me Courtney, Esther and Emillie! Until next time!

(All photos via Nicki Sebastian)


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Fashion Week




Hi! I’m up early this morning hanging with the girls at GlamSquad to get ready for two really fun fashion week events today. First we are heading to the Shopburu Brunch at the SoHo house with heymama and then I’m rushing back to Brooklyn to pick up Edie so we can head right back uptown for the Paul Frank show. Edie is so excited to wear her fancy dress and I can’t think of anything more fun than doing it with our best friends, Nicki and Cami.

Hopefully I’ll have a few photos to share soon but until then, I’m taking a cue from my friend Lindsay with what I’m most looking forward to this fall:

Eating // soups, roasts, and more potatoes.
Drinking // hot chocolate, all day long.
Practicing // patience. Ha!
Mastering // the art of eating candy without my kids noticing.
Learning // how to take some time for myself. between work, the kids, and the dog I’m really slacking!
Trying // to find some new favorite recipes, send them my way please.
Playing // in Prospect Park a little more. hoping we can take Chilli to off-leash hours before school in the mornings.
Finishing // a book, any book.
Reading // the sequel to one of my favorite stories for the girls
Remembering // that fall means….winter.
Wearing // these jeans and cozy knits, all day every day.
Cooking // roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, a favorite for me and Edie that I hope Lilah will enjoy.
Working // on some new branding for my blog!
Traveling // we have a wedding in November that I’m really looking forward to, Edie is a flower girl!
Wanting // these boots.

Have a great weekend friends! (Photo via The Sartorialist)


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Ice Cream Date In The City


I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend! We all really enjoyed having Aaron around that extra day, especially because I came down with food poisoning Monday…womp womp. I know Labor Day usually means the end of summer so we thought we would try and tie up any of our final summer to-do’s this weekend like picnicking at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park with friends and heading to the East Village.


Saturday morning we all woke up super early to head into the city to take some photos with Christine (don’t worry, pictures coming soon!). It was such a fun shoot but we all worked up a bit of an appetite so after a yummy snack of Russ & Daughter’s bagels we walked around the corner to Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream.


I had the best mint chocolate chip of my life. Edie has a thing with watermelon right now so we always have to order strawberry ice cream but can only call it watermelon or she gets really upset. We ended up having to leave due to Lilah’s epic tantrum meltdown over not having enough ice cream, she finished hers and practically all of mine, but that’s life!





(girls dresses c/o Egg by Susan Lazar , my Ace&Jig onesie can be found here


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Jump In


On Tuesday, I met Nicki at this amazing interactive art experience at Pearlfisher in SoHo called “Jump In”. She had a friend cancel last minute and I jumped at the opportunity to take her ticket, as the event is completely sold out. It was amazing. At first I thought, this is going to be fun for maybe 5 minutes and then I’ll be ready to go but from the first time I jumped until our time was up, I didn’t stop laughing. I felt like a kid again, stopping with my parents at a McDonald’s with a playground off of I-95 somewhere in North Carolina and getting all of this energy out.


To be honest, I didn’t know how I was really going to feel. I don’t want this post to come across as a vague “woe is me” or seem like a cry for help, because its not, but on Monday night I went through something really difficult (that I’m just not ready to talk about at this moment) and I couldn’t see how I was going to get out of bed the next day. I didn’t know how I was going to face anyone without completely breaking down. I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I woke up, got dressed, put a frozen washcloth over my eyes that were so swollen from crying all night, and just jumped in feet first. Something about the physicality of it (seriously, we were sweating!), the silliness, the freedom of falling just allowed me to forget about everything and be in the present moment, not the shitty situation I had found myself in the night before.

jumpinAnyways, all of this is to say, I’m not okay and that’s okay. I know I’m going to be. There are going to be times when I feel like I’m drowning and other times when I’m able to be free and present. I’m grateful that I have my girls to ground me and keep pushing me towards acceptance and faith in the idea that time heals all wounds and there is a lesson to be learned in all of this. I know from my previous difficulties that I do come out stronger, even though it may be hard to see right now.

We don’t have big plans for the weekend but I want to do something very New York summer before fall arrives. Maybe Governor’s Island? Rockaways? What are you guys up to?


Have A Great Weekend!


nydjHooray for Friday! This week flew by. The highlight was definitely yesterday. I spent the morning with NYDJ and HeyMama for the loveliest breakfast. I talked with some really incredible and inspiring women. It was so fun to hear about all of these exciting and creative ventures they are working on. What are you guys up to this weekend? Aaron is out of town so I’ll be mostly hanging at home with the girls and try to get a jump start on my late summer “spring cleaning”. Yikes.

Here are a few things from the web that caught my eye:

If I could go back in time, I’d buy my wedding dress from this pretty lady

I missed out on this coat last year and I will not let it escape me for this winter!

Keeping dinner simple but delicious while Aaron is away.

A really interesting read.

Not sure how this time of year has already come around but this candidate has me pretty excited.

This lovely Brooklyn brand needs to find a place in my home!

Have a lovely weekend!

(Here is where you can find my dress and my shoes, that are now on sale!)