Have a great weekend!


lilahdonutsToday is National Donut Day! This is definitely one manufactured holidays I can fully get behind. I’ll be celebrating by eating a dozen donuts from my favorite shop. Also, my mom is coming into town today and it is just in time because Lilah is going through a terrible sleep regression and this Mama needs a break!

Here’s a few things that caught my eye this week:

I’m going to check out this exhibit after school with Edie and grab an early dinner at Chelsea Market.

One of my favorite online shops for kid’s clothes is having an anniversary sale through the weekend of 30% off!

Edie requested I make this three different times this week and I happily obliged.

If you’re local to NYC scoop up one of the last tickets to this awesome picnic.

After having a negative experience, I found this article about eating your placenta interesting.

An extremely moving post.

I can’t wait to use this everyday at the park this summer.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

(photo by Nicki Sebastian)




What We’re Reading


favoritebooks062015Reading with the girls is one of my favorite things to do. Lilah is at the age where she still mostly eats the books but sometimes she will come over to me with a book in hand saying “buh buh” (book, book). It is really adorable. Here are a few that both girls seem to enjoy right now:

Mix It Up // Edie loves learning about how to make all of the colors and Lilah loves being able to touch all of the pages. Being able to interact with the book makes it so much fun for everyone.

Your baby’s first word will be DADA // Who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon!? While it is totally true most every baby’s first word is “Dada”, this sweet book also teaches them animal noises.

Chloe, Instead // One of Edie’s favorites. We bought this book for her when Lilah was starting to get a bit older and into her toys. It is the sweetest story about two sisters and we love the ending.

Please Bring Balloons // Two of Edie’s favorite things – bears and the carousel. A great bedtime story.

Rain // This book has some really great humor and New York references that both me and the girls enjoy.

For Just One Day // We love this colorful book about animals and imagining how life would be if we were one.

Some Bugs // Normally I don’t like rhyming books but this one is so silly and the illustrations are beautiful that even Edie picks out her “favorite” bugs. And Lilah always smiles when we read the page about “taking food”.

Julia, Child // A story about a young Julia Child and cooking? I enjoy this maybe more than the girls but it is so sweet. And



A Day Off


aaronOver the weekend, this handsome fella gave me the entire day off. Thats right, from 10 a.m until 6 p.m I was alone in Manhattan doing whatever I wanted. There are no pictures from said day because my phone was checked into the Apple store to fix my cracked screen (I know, you probably thought this post was going to be about how great Aaron is because of the picture but don’t worry, a few father’s day posts will be up next week). I didn’t do anything that exciting but isn’t that the whole point? To be able to get on and off the subway without carrying small children or a stroller up a million stairs or to make the decision to walk 2 miles because its a beautiful day and I’m not in any rush are just a few of the small luxuries I enjoyed.

But you want to know what was even better than all this alone time? When I came home both girls came running towards me with open arms saying “Mama! Mama! Mama!”. I know, eye roll. I kind of can’t stand when moms say this but this past year of living in New York we haven’t had a babysitter or family to watch the girls so I haven’t been away from them for much longer than an hour to do some grocery shopping. They haven’t had the opportunity to miss me in a whole year. When Aaron works long hours or has been traveling for business he gets this amazing reception every time he comes home and, I have to admit, I’ve been a little jealous. Everyday I am the one who says “no”, the one setting limits, the one saying “wait” while I help the other one. Lately, my patience has been running extremely low and I haven’t felt like I’ve been the best version of myself with the girls. But, coming home after my day off I was so excited to get on the floor and do a puzzle, read 20 books, give the girls their bath, and tuck them in. I was refreshed and happy to be doing things that for weeks had felt mundane and tedious. I need my time away to be the mom I want to be. I’ve been throwing around the idea of going back to work for the past six months. I’m not sure I’m ready for something full-time or to say goodbye to being a stay-at-home mom but, this blog has shown me that I’m longing for a creative outlet, for connection with other people who have the same interests, and for something that is just mine.

What do you do to keep your identity when you are in the throws of motherhood?


Have a great weekend!



I am so glad its Friday! Lilah is going through a major sleep regression, no naps and a few 3 am wake-ups, so I’m ready to take it easy this weekend and have Aaron around for an extra set of helping hands. What are your plans this weekend?

Edie and I are going to this awesome event at the Children’s Museum of the Arts with our friend Nicki.

And I’m really hoping to head uptown fast enough to get a good viewing spot of Manhattanhenge.

Could you live in this little house?

A great video about kids and their emotions.

Ikea is going to sell their own “hack” kits.

This home is so beautiful.

I’m going to make this salad for dinner Saturday. Looks so delicious!

(sunset photo found here)


Around here lately…


Is it Friday yet? Just kidding, but after long busy week with a cranky teething baby I am ready for the weekend. On the bright side, I had a great birthday yesterday. I woke up to everyone in party hats singing “Happy Birthday” and a very sweet surprise from my favorite jewelry store, Catbird. Plus, a girlfriend took me out for doughnuts – the day couldn’t have been any better. Here are few pictures from the trusty iPhone of this past week:

ediestoop bridge drinksdumbotreehouselilahcooksediesleep