A Day at the Whitney


Edie’s preschool was closed last Friday so I decided to take the girls to see the new Whitney museum. The weather was perfect so we grabbed a bite to eat at their outdoor café and spent a good amount of our time playing on the colorful chairs on the 5th floor garden. The new location is great because you’re close to so many other sights. While we waited in line (I suggest buying tickets the night before) Amanda took the kids to play on the Highline and afterwards we grabbed a few treats at Chelsea Market. I can’t wait to go back! Here are a few pictures of our day:



My friend Amanda and her two boys tagged along with us for awhile.


viewThe views here are amazing!

lights2-05272015We sat staring at this light installation for a good 20 minutes!





Pancakes and Central Park


I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! I feel like we didn’t have a moment to stop and catch our breath but thats one of the things I love most about this city, there is always a new adventure to be had, new memories to be made. We spent Memorial Day walking all over Central Park – stopping at playgrounds, the boathouse and the Alice in Wonderland statue.


We started the morning with brunch at Bubby’s. The great thing about Memorial Day is that all the locals leave and go to the beach and the city feels empty. Normally there is at least an hour wait for a decent brunch place but we got a table for 5 right away! Everyone raves about the pancakes here but the biscuits take the cake, in my opinion!

Photo Booth

And they have a Photo Booth in the basement! Edie stuck her tongue out for every picture 🙂


Lilah is always on the move and toddling around! She is so brave, taking every opportunity to climb and explore. I love this stage so much.

lilahandadboathouseedieandalicealiceUnderneath the large mushroom is a bronze crocodile. Edie refused to leave its side. She named him “Loco” (I have no clue where she gets this stuff from) and said it was her pet. I had to promise to bring her back again soon to get her to leave.

Walking around New York on this beautiful day it was hard not to think about the men and women who served this country and how it has afforded us the freedom we enjoy each day. We thank you.

What did you do this holiday weekend?





Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Whew! The long weekend is here! Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to the check out the new Whitney Museum and maybe grab a bite to eat at Chelsea Market afterwards. And then Saturday I am finally getting a much needed haircut. I’m so nervous to cut my hair (I have only cut it maybe 3 or 4 times since Edie was born!) but after a particularly hot afternoon last weekend I know it has to be done.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

I just bought these jeans and they could be my new favorite thing I own.

This 3 hour tour by Jordan made me really miss our old city.

A hair tutorial for the perfect waves.

I’m still trying to get used to the yellow people.

It’s my birthday next week and I’m hoping to go here for a day date (wink wink Aaron).

Speaking of my birthday, we have plans to take the girls to DUMBO because they always have a good time riding the carrousel. Plus, I want to see this exhibit that my friend Nicki just went to with Joanna (found via Cup of Jo).

It feels like everyone’s suddenly talking about podcasts, and not just Serial. So I gave this one a listen. Any other recommendations?

Hope you all enjoy your long holiday weekend. See you Tuesday 🙂


Keeping It Real




Yesterday, Edie stayed home with a bad case of pink eye and an ear infection. I want to be the mom that says, “Oh, but I love all the extra snuggles!”. But I was not this time. The truth is, I still had to cook three meals a day, change diapers, read books, wash hands 100 times, put Lilah down for two naps, do two separate bath times, wash the dishes, and more chores I’m too tired to think of right now, all while Edie demands a million unreasonable things of me. The truth is, we watched way too much television (the new Paddington movie is super cute incase you are looking for a movie to watch). The truth is, I was so happy that Edie woke up well enough to go back to school. The truth is, this motherhood gig has me feeling pretty run down at the moment.

This was our first winter in New York and we have all been sick since November. I’m tired and ready for summer, ready for warm weather, and ready for us all to be healthy again at the same time. The girls and I are taking a trip to see my mom in Charleston, South Carolina in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to spend all day at the beach, splashing around in the water. Having grown up in a beach town, something about being near the ocean always has a way of centering me. Plus, I cannot wait to have a few hours to myself to walk around my one of my favorite cities

I want this blog to be a happy space, full of things I love, things that inspire me. I also want this blog to be honest. And so for now, I’m enjoying this time alone to write while Lilah takes her first nap and tomorrow I will enjoy getting to spend the whole day with both of my girls at the park, having a picnic lunch and watching them play at the splash pad.

Life / Motherhood

When Dad Is Away…



Lately Aaron’s job has meant a little more traveling and a few more late nights at the office which means I’m solo-parenting a bit more. Look at this guy! He’s SuperDad! It seems like he has 8 arms so when he is gone I definitely feel it. Now I know I don’t have it nearly as bad as some and I have no clue how you single parents do it. My hats off to you! So while I am by no means an expert, here are a few tips I’ve picked up that really help me when I’m doing this parenting thing by myself:

Ask for Help: Because we don’t have family nearby I’ve had to ask friends for help. At first I felt embarrassed to ask friends or that I was imposing on their time. I should be able to do this by myself after all, right? Well, what I’ve found is that my friends were more than happy to help! I’m lucky to have a few moms in my apartment building that I have grown close with that have come over to watch the girls while I shower or step out for a few minutes for errands. A girlfriend offered to take Edie to school in the morning on her way to work. I’ve even had a friend send over a delicious pizza dinner while Aaron was away and both the girls were sick. It seriously made my day!

Order In/Meal Prep: Speaking of pizza dinner, I try to budget for ordering out the nights Aaron is gone. I get Mexican take-out or a rotisserie chicken with a few sides and those usually get us through a few days with the leftovers. Everyone is happy and I get to keep a little of my sanity. Sometimes if I am really on top of things and feeling ambitious (which isn’t that often) I cook a whole bunch of chicken and roasted veggies and portion those out for a few days. I also add some Annie’s mac & cheese to the menu because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that mac & cheese.

Go to the Gym: Okay, I know. I hate the gym too. But when you don’t have a regular babysitter, that 2-hour window at the gym daycare can be a lifesaver! Go for a swim, walk on the treadmill, take a yoga class, or just hang out in the locker room and shower by yourself. This has turned my crappy day around more than a few times.

Keep it Simple: Lastly, I try to be easy on myself. I don’t plan a trip all the way uptown to the Natural History Museum or all day outings roaming aimlessly around the city. I stay close to home and keep expectations low. I have to be flexible about what the kids and I need that day. Staying busy with playdates and music class is helpful. But I also know that sometimes getting out to the playground and throwing our “schedule” out the window, even though it’s during nap time or close to dinner, helps us all relax, smile, and have a good time.

What are your tips for solo-parenting?