How To Have The Perfect Mom’s Night Out


mom's night out

There are a million excuses why I can think I shouldn’t go out at any given moment….”The laundry has to be done. I’d rather stay home with my husband, I mean we hardly any get time alone as it is. I have nothing to wear. I’m so busy. All of my friends are so busy.” And the list goes on and on. I mean, you know how it is right?

Well, I’m here to tell you, you can do it! And it’s not half as hard as it seems. So click through to read my 5 tips for having the perfect mom’s night out that will leave you feeling recharged and like your old self again.

mom's night out

1. Pack a Goody Bag – On my way over to the hotel, I stopped at Urban Outfitters and picked up a few things that I thought would make our time at the hotel a little more fun. My suggestions are an Instax Mini Camera with some fun lenses or film, candy of choice, magazines, nail polish, cute drink holders, a mini piñata (because why the hell not!?), and a sleep mask.

2. Get a Partner In Crime – I think this is the most important step. You’re probably not going to have too much fun if you’re alone. So grab another tired mama and head out. Pick a friend who has a similar style as you two. You’re probably not going to have any fun if your idea of fun is to go dancing and hers is to read a book in bed. I brought my girlfriend Heather and it was a million times better with this girl around.

mom's night out

3. Go Crazy – Don’t go to dinner at 5pm (even if you’re hungry at 5pm like I always am) or go to the same place you always go to. Go check out that Korean BBQ + Karaoke place all your single friends are talking about or that fancy place you saw on Chef’s Table. Just do it. It’s only a night so live it up! Heather and I went to Brooklyn Bowl and we ate our fill of fried chicken, danced to live music and bowled our hearts out. We both weren’t great bowlers but we were surprised how we improved after a few rounds and had a ton of fun in the process.

mom's night out

4. Mask It Up – After your crazy night out, you deserve a little pampering. So put on that crazy face mask (I love this one and this one) your husband always makes fun of you for or give each other makeovers. You’re never too old for it to feel like you’re back in high school watching The O.C. with your girlfriends, painting each other’s nails, and talking about boys. Trust me, it’s fun.

mom's night out

5. Savor Every Last Moment – Sleep in, order room service, drink your coffee while it’s still hot, enjoy some donuts and then pack it all back up to run home to your little one’s. I picked them up from school Monday feeling so fresh, with more patience, and happy that those two girls are the home for my heart.

Thanks to the Williamsburg Hotel for hooking me up with a room for the night and being the perfect spot for this girl’s night out.

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