Our DC Trip + Some Exciting News!!


A few weeks ago we drove down for our annual Father’s Day weekend trip to Washington D.C. We all had an amazing time and despite me getting sick for an entire day, we managed to explore a lot of what the city has to offer. Click through to see more photos and a special video!

The Lincoln Memorial was a favorite! The girls loved running around and for Aaron and I, it was really powerful and beautiful to read his Gettysburg address on the wall. I haven’t been here since I was a little girl and I’m glad we made the time to stop by here.

Edie’s little pigtails just kill me! She hardly lets me do this to her hair but it’s my favorite anytime I convince her!

These two….All the heart eyes in the world for these two.

And here’s a fun little video I put together with the help of my friends at The Hubs. I’m hoping to start sharing more video content with you guys regularly and would love if you want to subscribe and follow along with our journey on YouTube as well.

I’d love all of your feedback too! What did you love about the video? What did you not love? Would be you be interested in other videos besides our travel videos? I’m thinking our next one is a “Get To Know Us”! So leave a comment with any questions you have for us and I’ll make sure to answer it on our next video!

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  1. Love the video. You make everything so fun for your girls. Makes me want to be a kid again. You’re a great mom.

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