What We’re Reading


I’m not going to lie, normally I have a really hard time keeping up with reading for myself. I tend to read in spurts. Two or three books at once and then nothing for months. But I did just finish a few books and I’ve recently picked up so many good ones for the girls that I thought it was a good time to share a few of my favorites with you guys! So click through to see what we’re reading right now!

what we are reading


  1. Lincoln in the Bardo – I know I’ve talked about this before but I thought the writing was so original and beautiful. It kept me on my toes the entire time and I’d love to read it again one day.
  2. On Beauty – I am such a huge fan of everything Zadie Smith writes. This one was a really honest portrayal of a family and I felt like I really knew the characters by the end of it.
  3. The Rules Do Not Apply –  I love a good memoir and this is one of my top ten books I’ve read in a long time.
  4. The Futures –  It’s got love, New York, drama… This was a fun read all around. Great beach read!
  5. Originals – My husband recommended that I read this one. I’m not usually drawn to books like this but it had so many valuable lessons and it’s a great book for anyone!

what we are reading

The Girls:

  1. Little People Big Dreams Series – My favorite series for girls (and boys too!) but I’ve loved sharing the inspiring and beautiful stories of important women in history with my daughters and I love that they can have these role models to look up to so early on.
  2. The BFG– This may not be Edith’s favorite Roald Dahl book but it may be mine. I love re-reading these classics with her.
  3. We’re All Wonders – A beautiful and inspiring book with a lesson all kids can learn. It’s given us a lot of opportunities to discuss important topics about differences and acceptance with the girls. I can’t wait to see the move when it comes out!
  4. See You In the Cosmos –  Beautiful and something I’ve loved reading with Edith. It’s a slow read for little ones but I know she’ll love reading it by herself when she’s a bit older too.
  5. This Is How We Do It – Follow the life of seven real kids from around the world – from Russia to Uganda. It’s been so fun to talk about this book with both of the girls!

What are you guys reading? I’m always looking for great new recommendations! Leave your favorite summer reading in the comments below!

First and Third Images by Heather Moore. Second image by Julia Elizabeth

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